Yankees acquire Pudge Rodriguez

pudge.jpgCourtesy of MLB.com’s Jason Beck in Cleveland, here’s what Pudge Rodriguez has to say:

Pudge Rodriguez:They just told me what the team’s thinking. I’m not going to say it, but that’s personal between me and [Tigers GM] Dave Dombrowski. But it’s time for me to take the trade and go somewhere else. I hope I can stay there. Right now, I’m going to be there for two months. I hope I can stay there. We’ll see what happens, but at the same time. I’m just going to concentrate every single day there and try to make the Yankees make the playoffs again.”

It’s going to be exciting to play with the Yankees. A lot of players would like to play there and play with guys like A-Rod, Jeter and Giambi, catching Mussina and those guys. It’s going to be nice. I’m excited for that. I’m going to be a little nervous in the beginning. Even all the years I’ve been playing this game, sometimes you get excited, too. But like I said, I’ll just be ready tomorrow night and try to do my job and try to win a ballgame.”

Tigers manager Jim Leyland: “I think this is almost scripted beautifully. Here’s a [future] Hall of Famer going to Yankee Stadium in the last year of his contract. This is the face of baseball, not just the face of Detroit. This is a face of baseball. It’s almost like a movie.”

Brian Cashman was excited to add Pudge but also said he had a tough time saying goodbye to Farnsworth, who he called a “good man” and also an important part of the Yankees’ bullpen.

Cashman: “This is robbing Peter to pay Paul,” Cashman said. “We’ve got a lot of good things going on in that bullpen. You always worry about this stuff, but you’ve got to make these tough decisions, so I made one.”

Joe Girardi: “You’re talking about a Hall of Fame catcher coming in here. He’s been playing very well and he’s been hot. We’re looking forward to him being here.”


When was Kennedy’s last start?


The Best News of The Year …

The Yankees finally traded Kyle Farnsworth … AWESOME !!! … There’s really not much more to say than that … It has all been said, many times, about how undependable Farnsworth has been out of the bullpen. And, even though he has pitched a little better this year, we don’t have to worry [anymore] about him coming into the late innings of “any game” and possibly blowing a lead, and, maybe, even, losing a big game, that would have cost the Yankees the pennant or World Championship … Both, Farnsworth and Hawkins – gone – moves that many of us have been advocating since the beginning of the season … Thank you, Brian Cashman !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …



I disagree with you totally rcngolf. Sorry, but the LaTroy Hawkins signing, at the time, wasn’t a bad deal at all. Hawkins did have a fairly solid season for a team that went to the World Series last year. If you remember correctly, Luis Vizcaino was looking for a 2-3 yr. deal last off season, and we were balking at that idea. So what happened? He signed with Colorado for 2yrs./$7.5ish million. We signed LaTroy to a deal for 1yr./$3.5 million, and we got a draft pick out of the deal, because Vizcaino was a Type-B Free Agent. All in all we saved $3.5 million and gained a draft pick, which I don’t think was THAT bad of a deal.
I do agree with about 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of you guys out there though, there’s NO WAY we can make a playoff push with BOTH Pontoon and Rasner in our starting rotation. If we have to keep 1 in the rotation, I’d pick Rasner over Pontoon, but something has got to happen soon.


wow! Pudge on our team. Can’t hurt. Good bye LaTrine Hawkins! What a GREAT signing Crapman! Showing your baseball acumen with that one. Let’s hope you’ve smartened up. I think that mgmt saw how our pen has been performing of late, looked at the options down on the farm and decided that Farnsworth was expendable. No surprise. Ramirez, Robertston, Geise, Veras, Marte.

Glad we won yesterday. Wished we’d have saved some of that O for the halos. They schooled the SUCHS. We can at least split this series. No reason we can’t. AP needs a herculean effort tonight and Garland has proven beatable. Friday night tho…. Santana vs Pontoon? There is no way that can happen. You might as well string Pontoon up and give the halos sticks and let them take a whack.

The whole Hawkins thing is funny. We signed you to a $3.5M deal but you’re only worth a minor league second baseman that we don’t even NEED! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Gammons is right. Pittsburgh doesn’t like the prospects.


Any chance we pick up Pudge’s option? How much is it for?


I agree with that one tigernyc. The Yankees seriously can’t throw Ponson and Rasner for 2/4 games vs. the Angels this weekend. They would be crazy to do that. You saw what the Sox did to Ponson this past weekend, what do you think the Angels’ offense (especially with Teixeira now) would do to that tub of butter? We have to change something or we seriously might get swept here. It’s not that I don’t have faith in Pettite, that’s not the case at all (the same goes for Moose, I have total faith in both of them), it’s more like I’m nervous about the offense being hit or miss like it has been for a huge chunk of the season.
I initially thought that this trade wasn’t a good move for us, knowing that although Farnsworth has had his ups and downs with the Yankees, he had been pitching fairly effectively over this past month, and was part of the ‘pen that has been the BEST in the MLB over the past 1.5 months. I also thought that although Molina isn’t doing that well on offense, his defense was a huge asset to us because he was stopping teams from running on the Yankees (leads the MLB in throwing out would-be base stealers). However, Pudge has been THE best overall catcher in the MLB over the past decade+ and he is still an All-Star caliber player. So we patched a hole that needed to be patched, but we in turn caused another hole to open. With Farnsworth gone, we now only have 1 hard-throwing reliever in the pen, Jose Veras (I don’t include Mo because he’s the closer, not a mid/long reliever). Damaso Marte can hit 94, but that’s about it for power in the pen, with everyone else having ok zip on their pitches. Hopefully Brian Bruney will be back soon, he could fill (if he returns to his pre-injury self) the spot left by Farnsworth.
I think Pudge will help bring consistency to our offense, which has been up and down all season. He comes in batting .295 (which is only behind Damon, Nady and A-rod for the Yankees), not a bad addition if you ask me (plus his defense is still pretty darn good). Now if only Melky would start mimicking his buddy Cano a little bit and started hitting, our offense should be ready to start putting up large numbers, consistently.
Now I go back to my original thought, there has got to be someone out there that can replace Pontoon in our rotation. Hughes and Pavano both threw 28 pitches in their rehab outings today, and both posted solid numbers. IPK also pitched another solid start for SWB yesterday, who knows maybe 1 of those 3 can come up and better fill the spot that Pontoon is occupying right now (1 of those 3 has GOT to be able to come in and pitch to less than an ERA of 6+ for the Yankees, especially when that pitcher is getting so much run support, 8+ runs/game, in his start). Thoughts?


Washburn at the 7/31 trade deadline for an 8/1 start in lieu of Ponson?

Either Kennedy or Wright for the Sunday 8/3 start vs LAA with Rasner to long relief? Both hot lately, Wriight pulled after 70 P tonight.

Just can’t bear the thought of Ponson and Rasner starting 2 of 4 this weekend vs LAA with best record in MLB.


On this “festive night” with Hall of Fame C Pudge arriving to replace Jorge the same day as season ending surgery (kudos to Cashman) for “punching bag Kyle, as well DFA Hawkins finally gone, and before the Angels arrive with best record in MLB, and newly acquired future Yankee 1B Teixieria, take a look at the Scranton box score from tonight, re Pitching help on the way:

Wright, just upi from AA, 6 shutout, 1 hit innings, only 70 P (now 9-2, 2.67 ERA in 104 IP);
Melancon, also just up from AAA, recovering from TJ surgery (pojected as MO’s eventual successor), another 2 shutout innings, at 7-0 (with generaly 2 – 3 IP appearences), 2.10 ERA in 77 IP;
Strickland, a season long vet rehab project, another shoutout inning, now 3-0 with 8 Saves, 2.15 ERA in 54 IP; should have been in “Show” already…better be by Thurs night with Farns and Hawk gone.

All three can help big time in last two months. IA Kennedy also seems ready to replace Ponson (please). Then there is Hughes starting rehab (no comment re pavano).

Help is On the Way, beyond Sexson (?), Nady, Marte and Pudge.


ya know, one final thought before I hop on this bed with the memory foam matress pad:

You know what? If you trace back to the Mets Sweeping the Yankees at the stadium this year, and lets say they took 2/3 from the mets and went 4-2 in the season series instead of going 2-4, we would be 61-46 and in the lead for the wild card and only about 1/2 game back from the rays. THAT is what I look to this year as to why we are not where we should be. there was NO reason to get swept at the stadium, even with the rain out, by the mets. that right there is the biggest reason why we are not ahead of the sox right now.

Thats just my opinion and what I think, seriously….Take two of three from the mets and we are all having different conversations now….


The M-rons are out today in droves. Some ******’ says that this trade “makes the red sox better”. How dumb. Is Bay a hall of Famer? Is he going to hit .500 against the yankees? is he going to drive in 150 runs? Is he going to be the protection in the line up that Manny was to ortiz? Is he going to PISS OFF EVERY YANKEE FAN EVERY TIME HE COMES TO BAT?

No, no, no, no nonono, and NO!

Jason bay is a nice guy. I like him. I like Jason Bay. I think Jason bay will fit in nicely with the sawx…especially when he is sitting in his nice, warm, new england home watching the playoffs in front of his fireplace eating some White creamy New England Clam Chowder.

Oh, this is a great day for Yankee fans. Great day. We got rid of two headaches, and we are shopping a third, and a new england headache is on his way out.

I’m going to sleep well tonight….



The Palm Beach Post says a tentative agreement has been reached, despite Gammons’ comments. Here’s the deal:

Marlins get: Manny Ramirez, cash, prospect from Red Sox
Red Sox get: Jason Bay, John Grabow
Pirates get: Ryan Tucker, Jeremy Hermida, one prospect from Red Sox

Bye Bye MannybeingManny!


I’d MUCH rather see Jason bay than MaN-RAM. Bay is a good ballplayer…but, um, NO MAN-RaM!

Mussina must be lovin this!


Matt, you and I are on the same page once again. Lets just hope the can get a good showing against the LACAALA.


Okay, personally I like this deal right now. Ivan’s best days are behind him but he is still an outstanding defensive catcher and a superb offensive one. There’s a reason he started all those all star games ahead of Posada.

Now, in getting Pudge, we did not break the bank. Seeing as Cashman would have been skinned had he resigned Farnsworth, we are giving up a rental player to get a better rental player. Detroit got screwed, as simple as that.

Getting Laird or one of the other top catchers would have been expensive. By using Pudge for this season, we have options in that aspect. Posada’s recovery period is apparently 6 months, so by the end of the year we can better evaluate how long Posada can remain our backstop, and then we can make an off season deal for a near ready prospect or someone like Laird, depending on what we need. And it will be easier to fill any holes that will be created in getting a top catcher.

Plus, assuming Pudge doesn’t retire, we get draft picks. The same draft picks that got us Kennedy and Chaimberlain. And our return may not be so good this time, but you never know.


Teixeira, Guerrero, Hunter & Anderson have a combined sixty five (56) bombs on the season. The Yankees only carry eight (8) more homers than the LAA as a team. The LAA despite scoring thirty (30) less than the Yankees, hold the best record in baseball due too there steller pitching Did I mention they just dismantled the RedSox? ( Manny decided too play through the series). In all simplicity Pudge is a better catcher than Kyle is a pitcher. I still admire Farnsworth as a person and a player. This doesn’t allude the fact that we patched one whole for another. Grant that the Molinas and Moellers averages were killing. The truth is Jorge Posada is nearly impossible to replace.


man-ram will get dealt-to the NL!!!!
who would you rather face, Jason Bay, or Man-Ram batting behind Ortiz? Double Ha! And Ortiz will bat behind Bay if that trade gets done, meaning Ortiz will NEVER see anything to hit!!!!
HA! (to quote A-Rod)



Scranton/WB 6
Syracuse (Blue Jays) 0
W: C. Wright (1-0, 0.00); L: B. Murphy (5-9, 5.84)
HR: SWB: J. Closser (4), A. Gonzalez (4).
Altoona (Pirates) 3
Trenton 6
W: Z. Kroenke (5-0, 2.89); L: K. Bloom (2-6, 4.30); SV: J. Valdez (2)
HR: TRE: W. Ibarra (1).
Tampa 5
Lakeland (Tigers) 6 (10)
W: J. Sborz (3-2, 2.61); L: R. Semerano (1-1, 5.91)
HR: None.
Asheville (Rockies) 5
Charleston 6
W: J. Ortiz (4-2, 1.95); L: M. Reynolds (4-2, 3.30)
HR: CHA: J. Montero (11), A. Krum (5).
Staten Island 2
Lowell (Red Sox) 5
W: H. Strickland (3-2, 4.50); L: L. Greinke (0-6, 4.01); SV: C. Rosario (2)
HR: None.
GCLYankees 0
GCL Phillies 10
W: M. Matos (4-3, 3.30); L: C. Garcia (0-2, 14.73)
HR: PHL: L. Castillo (1).
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.


We’ll the Angels are the best and to be the best you have to beat the best, capiche?


I thonk the best move the Yankees can make is hoping Manny gets dealt. It is bound to have a emotional effect on Ortiz and Manny is a powerhouse against the Yanks. There really expecting a three team deal?


I will be glad with a split, they just killed the Redsox.


I would say statistically it’s evident a good trade. I just never been one for trades these guys got us the chance to actually make a run and there dealt away. It reminds me of the business of the game. It also subconsciously tells me maybe the organazation doesn’t have fate in Posada returning as a catcher?


Yanks trade LaTroy Hawkins s in exchange for Matt Cusick, 22 yr old of the Astros… Another good move..


I’m just glad I don’t have to see hubert farnsworth and his smellescope and his lousy slider in pinstripes again. And don’t forget about the greatest punching bag in the history of Yankee stadium-LaToya Hawkins! Glad to see him go! My only regret is that he won’t be back at the stadium on another AL team so we can whack him around a little bit.

we need 3/4 from the LA California Angels of Anaheim of LA! PLEASE 3 outta 4!!!Thats all i wants for X-Mas.


Marlins/Mariners….1995/2003….same difference!

No harm, no foul.

But, um, The Professor wore out his welcome. Just because he has a decent stretch doesn’t mean he’s a good long term fit for this team, or for even this year. AND, don’t forget he is a recycled version of armando benitez-STRAIGHT fastball and very, very hittable slider….thats the deal with farnsworth. he will level off this season….


There only good trader considering the outcome they will have.


Here’s my prediction: Pavano For Scot Showenweiss! The yanks are looking to deal Pavano! This is why they were telling everyone that he is going to pitch this year in the Majors!!!!

Ha! I can’t wait!!!!! this is going to be a great week! (unless we get hosed by the angels….)


I was actually reading about KGJ and how his numbers would have stacked up without his unfortunate injuries. I made a mental mistake I meant 2003 Marlins. Which in turn why we all despise Beckett. I have had Farnsworth backed up on this blog for some time now. There is a number of consistant readers of the blog that know that.


Ha! Cashman is on a streak. LaToya was FINALLY sent off into the sunset. He just got dealt to Houston for a minor league second baseman. I think i can “smile” for once this season.


“When I think of “Pudge” I think of the 1995 Mariners and there homerun leading team. Does anyone remember what happened in the ALCS that year? I have a certain image of Griffey under a pile of men imbedded in my head. I’m so disappointed that Kyle Farnsworth was finally turning good numbers just to be baited away. I hope he can continue to find success in Detriot.”

What is this? day of the walking retards?? For crying out loud! Pudge was on TEXAS for 12 years before going to the Marlins in 2003!!!! He was NEVER on the M’s!!!

I have no Idea what you are talking about redsunkktt…No offense, but please tell me you weren’t saying Pudge was on the M’s in 1995!!!!


I have not forgotton the 95 playoff loss to Seattle. It was because Buck held back his Starting Pitcher David Cone up 2 games to zero. Buck said that he was holding him for the next series. Seattle came back and won three straight. Buck was fired!!! Pudge was a good catcher then and I hope he some Yankee magic will fire him up for a playoff run. I think that his bat is very important. Pudge can hit great pitching in the playoffs.


“This trade is not a good move by the Yankees. Defense wins championships not offense”

Um, Last time I checked, Ivan Rodriguez is one of the greatest defensive catchers of all time. You have no clue what you are talking about.

Farnsworth? FARNSWORTH???? He is having a “semi-good”year in the walk year of a 3 year contract. We got SO MUCH more then if he walked at the end of the year, and the yanks had no interest of ever re-signing him. He blows games in big spots, which is his MO going back to the Cubs, and his fastball straightens out when he gets frustrated and whe he tries to throw it through the backstop.

Farnsworth was pitching to a 3.60+ ERA. How can you say he was “great”? he was “OK” at best, but not great.

We got an experienced, strong-armed catcher who hits to all fields. Farnsworth was a big baby who would have “needed innings to stay sharp” and most likely would ahve blown some important games along the way…and he cost us way more then just “two losses” look at his IRS or how he pitched in bigger spots and TELL ME he didn’t cost us and isn’t a liability in the 8th inning.

“roid-rage players not going to the hall of fame”…what on earth are you talking about?? motherofgod you have no clue, do you? This is a GREAT trade and if you think that trading a middle of the line no-good choke artist like farnsworth for Ivan Rodriguez (to fill a need we ABSOLUTELY needed filled) was a bad trade you know nothing about baseball. we STOLE him from the tigers and we should be giving Cashman some props for once instead of getting on him.

The Tigers needed a set-up guy so they can atleast make it through the rest of the season and make a run for their division and we needed an everyday catcher. Molina is a backup who is in bad shape and can’t make it through a whole season without breaking down and losing his skills. He and Pudge would be great compliments to each other.

Oh, and about him “not providing enough offense” to make you want to take molina out…um, molina is batting .200 and has yet to hit a homerun. Pudge has 5 HR’s (not much) and he is hitting .290. That, to me, looks like an upgrade offensively, AND, Defensively.

Wow. What a bad start to this comment thread!

Overall, a GREAT move by Brian Cashman. In the past week, he traded for three guys we needed and didn’t give up squat and isn’t falling for Seattle’s game of chicken.


When I think of “Pudge” I think of the 1995 Mariners and there homerun leading team. Does anyone remember what happened in the ALCS that year? I have a certain image of Griffey under a pile of men imbedded in my head. I’m so disappointed that Kyle Farnsworth was finally turning good numbers just to be baited away. I hope he can continue to find success in Detriot.


Yankees win today 13-3 over Baltimore! Even better, We got a hall of fame catcher! I think Pudge will excel in pinstripes. Fansworth was pitching better but I never had real confidence in him! I think picking up Pudge a great move. He is the best catcher that I have seen since Thurman Munson or Johnny Bench. Yankees need a big bat and Pudge has proven himself to rise and hit against good pitchers.


This trade is not a good move by the Yankees. Defense wins championships not offense. And although we do not always see the offense the Yankees have plenty of it. At this point in their careers I think we will miss Molina being behind the plae everyday, and do not feel that at this point in his career Pudge provides enough offense to make you want to take out Molina.
As far as Farnsworth, he is a much better pitcher than he is credited for. Sure he gives up a long ball now and again however he is 1-2 with a 3.65 ERA. Those being numbers of the teams “worst” releiver are great. Farnsworth pitches are electric and it is real devastating to see a guy who wanted to be here as much as he did and took this trade the way he did go. With only 2 losses this year Farnsworth clearly has been filling in the role of the 8th inning set-up man great.
Overall a poor move by the Yankees.

Lastly, Future Hall of Famer? I thought the roid rage players were not going to the Hall, why a different thought for Pudge?


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