What goes up must come down…

Not much to write home about in the Yankees’ last two games — just goes to show you how important starting pitching is, with both Sidney Ponson and Mike Mussina putting the Bombers in early holes. They’re down big to the O’s at the Stadium tonight and this looks like it’ll be it for the home winning streak.

You could have predicted the big news story of the day, with Jorge Posada electing to have season-ending surgery. It was curious that Posada took BP before the game, but maybe he just wanted to get a few last strokes in on the playing field at Yankee Stadium. By the time Posada is available to play in a regular season game for the Yankees, the current facility will be history and Posada’s uniform will be hanging across 161st Street.

“After speaking with Brian (Cashman) and Joe (Girardi), we thought it was best for me —
and the team — to have the surgery now,” Posada said in a statement.
“I’ve always taken pride in being there for my team and playing every
day with them. With Xavier (Nady) here, there isn’t as much pressure on me to
return. As difficult as it is, I can focus on coming back 100 percent for next season instead of coming back at less than that now.”


Jimmy I’d tend to agree with you too except that Pavano has more MLB experience that Rasner, Kennedy and/or Hughes, plus when he can actually pitch, is actually better than Ponson.

When Wang gets back, you lose Ras or Ponson anyway. So for that 5th slot, you have Ras, Ponson, Hughes, Kennedy, and Pavano most likely yes? Can’t hurt to give Pavano a shot and see if he becomes our Aaron Small for this year. Like Chaz said, the worst that can happen is he comes in, loses a game and goes right back to the DL. I suppose we might be able to say the worst thing that could happen is he does no better than the other 5’s and doesn’t get re-injured! šŸ˜›
Either way though, given the lack of dependability from Ras and Pontoon… how can you not give Pavano a shot if he’s ready otherwise?
I’m not sure I understand why he’d be any more of a distraction to this team than Igawa if we brought him back up?
All I can say is that while he certainly isn’t someone I’d choose to use, he’s there, he’s ours, and he ‘may’ end up performing better than the other two we have out there now… and that’s just gotta play in my book, at least once! Pontoon boat to me is a guy who can get out average hitters, or perhaps free-swingers but he’s not top flight. Ras seems about the same to me… Pavano can pitch better than these two, but he also needs an insurance policy to go along with him. Considering this is it for him, we part ways after this year, why not bring him up and see if he can actually contribute just a tad better than these other two!?

I certainly hope this last game wasn’t the start of the 2nd half breakdown of Moose again… We shall see.

We can still afford to lose some, but not for much longer before we need to be playing .675 ball every game! Every win when TB and Boston lose extends that timeframe a little for us, so yeah in that vein we can ill-afford to be losing when they lose too… that busted up my hitting streak at Beat the Streak too… dang. And wouldn’t ya know, when I took Cano for the first time in a long time, he goes 0-4! I shoulda stuck with Jeter and ARod!


If Pavano pitches you can kiss this season goodbye.


Chaz …

I’m really surprised to read that you “woud not” mind seeing Carl Pavano on the Yankees this year as part of the pitching staff … I’m usually on the same page with you, about 95% of the time, but, on this one, I have to respectfully disagree … It would be so divisive to have this “waste of a ballplayer” – Carl Pavano – walking around the Yankees clubhouse, and playing on the same field as all the great all-star players and many good young players, on the Yankees … The only value the Yankees will ever get from Pavano is when his “4-year – $40 Million” contract is finally expired, and, Pavano is “gone forever” from the Yankees Organization … Having Carl Pavano on this team would be a total distraction that the Yankees do not need, as they try to win a World Championship … The Yankees have many pitching options, on the big-league roster, and, also, in the minors [and, maybe, some options through a trade] … Carl Pavano is not an option; and, I would much rather stay with the pitchers the Yankees now have, than have a major distraction – like a Carl Pavano – on this team … Take care, Chaz … Jimmy [27NYY] …





Praying for a speedy recovery for Jorge. We need him in ’08.
Are we going to get a backup for Jose?? Are we going to make a move for Tex??
We still need help with a starter. Can Pavano come back and change our minds about him?? Are the performances of Ponson and Moose just a one time thing??
The next 2 games vs the O’s are a must wins, also we need 2-3 vs the hot Angels. Can not afford to be losing these key series if we’re to win the East and/or make it to the playoffs.
You’re right, losing these last 2 make you forget the winning streak.



Syracuse (Blue Jays) 7p
Altoona (Pirates) 7:05p


Lakeland (Tigers) 7p
Asheville (Rockies) 7:05p


Staten Island
Lowell (Red Sox) 7:05p
GCL Phillies 12p

You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.


Wow! I totally forgot to discuss Jorge Posada’s surgery! That is a tough bite to take. Jose Molina better step it up at least a notch offensively. Hope you guys enjoyed the performances of Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte last night. They were probably the only bright sights on a very dim evening.


Personally, I see no harm in giving Pavano a shot. What’ he going to do, get injured? Lose? What if he has a little success? Wins 4 in a row? It’s not IMPOSSIBLE, (it’s not likely, either), but at least we could attempt to get some kind of value out of the debacle known as Pavano.


We simply cannot lose to teams like Baltimore while we compete with Boston and Tampa. They don’t exactly lay down for sub .500 clubs, why do we?


Funny how gettin EMBARRASSED 2 straight games makes me forget all about an 8 game streak and a blockbuster trade. Once again the Yankees show why they have not seen an acceptabl level of success for nearly a decade. The most up-and-down, inconsistent team EVER. While we lost no ground, we didn’t exactly take advantage of Boston and Tampa and GAIN any ground either. It’s time to get on another run of 6 or 8 in a row, boys. Time’s a wastin’.


Jorge Posada will be greatly missed … But, I think, this is the right decision to have the surgery – now – so that he will be ready to report to spring training, ready to play the full season next year … Hopefully, all will go well with the surgery, and Jorge will be fully healed and healthy enough to play the whole 2009, 2010, and 2011 seasons !!! … My prayers are with Jorge and his family, and I pray to God that the surgery is successful !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …



PIssed. Thats all I am. This team can fall o so quickly back into it’s old habits and I hate it!
Jeter’s having an off year. It’s been 4 years since he hit below .300 (.292, only 7 above where he is now). In 12 years in the league he’s hit below .300 for a season 3 times? 3 times? 3??? Are you kidding? Yes we need him. Desperately. But I’m cutting him a break. He’s carried this team on his shoulders for 11 years. We’ve got enough wood in the lineup that he should be picked up the one stinking time he’s down. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
We win the next two nights or we’re in some SHEEP DIT!!! We can’t only HOPE to split with Cali if we’re lucky.


I know it’s crazy to say, but I can see Pavano being more valuable to this team than Ponson (who wouldn’t be more valuable than a washed up tub of butter with anger issues and an ERA over 6). Granted Pavano has been struck by the injury bug since he joined the Yanks, with all his miscellaneous injuries he’s had, but don’t forget, he posted solid numbers the year before he came over. He has the ability, and his stuff is better than Ponson’s. Who knows, maybe he does a good job through his rehab stint, comes back in August and they give him a shot (they still need to get something out of him for the money they gave him) and he pitches decently (honestly, anyone would be an upgrade from Ponson at this point). Maybe we get something out of him over the last month of the season, you never know, weirder shizbang has happened.

All in all I’m happy with the moves we made so far. I’m not saying we can’t/shouldn’t make another move, but so far so good. It sucks to see Posada down and out, but his defense became a huge liability due to his shoulder. However, he should come back just as good, if not better, than he was before he got injured. Nady will be the bat to replace Posada’s, and at 29 and not eligible for free agency for another 2 seasons, he’ll definitely be a great addition to our team. Marte is the lefty this bullpen has needed for a long, long time. He has an option for $6 mil next season, that should DEFINITELY get picked up. Our bullpen is looking really good right now, and if Bruney comes back after his rehab and picks up where he had left off before his injury our bullpen will be one of the best in the league (over the last month or so, our pitching staff as a WHOLE has been the best in the MAJORS), if not THE best.

Think about this, a lot of money is coming off the books at the end of this season, and we’ll be primed to make a run at some big time Free Agents (Mark Teixeira, C.C Sabathia, Ben Sheets, just to name a few). What do you think about this?

C – Posada/Molina
1B – Teixeira
2B – Cano
SS – Jeter
3B – A-rod
LF – Damon/Nady
CF – Melky
RF – Abreu? (do they re-sign him?)/Nady
DH – Matsui (most likely)

I highly doubt Sexson will be back, and I’m guessing unless Giambi takes a huge pay cut and is fine with being a part-time 1B/DH, he won’t be back either. We’ll have to do something about our bench for sure (regardless of what most people think, I like Betemit and I think that trade was a really good one).

Rotation (in no particular order)

Pettite (says he’s interested in pitching in the new stadium)
C.C or Sheets
Mussina (how can you not try to work something out with him after all he’s done this season.. 1yr/$8-9mil w/incentives or something like that)

I think Hughes and Kennedy still need more seasoning in the minors. Don’t forget, Hughes is only 21 and Kennedy is 24ish. Give them another season, or at least a 1/2 season and as injury replacements.

All in all, that’s one DEAD SEXY team right there, and most likely cheaper overall than what they pay now… Thoughts?


At least we didn’t lose ground with these two losses. Tampa lost 2 as well and Boston lost 1. We are only 3 back, and I have to say I like our chances at this point, even with the injuries.

And, well, if Posada returns and gives us just one more whole season as a catcher, I’ll take it. His best days may be behind him, but he can still help us out. That said, we have to start looking for a long term replacement.

Apparently Pavano is still ahead of Hughes. Imagine Pavano returning to our rotation, even as a stopgap.



Scranton/WB 4
Rochester (Twins) 7
W: P. Humber (6-7, 5.38); L: A. Horne (2-3, 5.63); SV: B. Korecky (16)
HR: SWB: C. Ransom (20), B. Broussard (7).
Altoona (Pirates) 3
Trenton 1
W: J. Shortslef (4-2, 2.42); L: M. Gardner (3-4, 3.12); SV: J. Sues (1)
HR: ALT: J. Bowers (5).
Tampa 6
Lakeland (Tigers) 5
W: J. Stephens (3-4, 5.16); L: D. Below (5-7, 4.19); SV: J. Schmidt (10)
HR: TAM: A. Perez (8).
Hickory (Pirates) 6
Charleston 0
W: M. McSwain (4-4, 1.78); L: L. Pendleton (6-7, 3.43)
HR: None.
Brooklyn (Mets) 5
Staten Island 2
W: S. Shaw (3-2, 2.31); L: N. Montgomery (0-1, 3.00); SV: S. Clyne (6)
HR: BRO: J. Servidio (3), S. Ratliff (2), J. Satin (2). STA: D. Brewer (1).
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.


Jorge Posada will be dearly missed!


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