More numbers minutia

You may have noticed Damaso Marte striking out David Ortiz in the seventh inning with two on and one out. That was pretty big and hard to overlook.

What you may not have thought about is that Marte is wearing No. 34, the same number that Phil Hughes lobbied Sean Henn to give up this Spring Training. It turns out that Hughes didn’t much care for No. 34 anymore – it may have worked for Nolan Ryan, but it didn’t bring him much luck. So when Hughes comes back, expect to see him wearing not only a new pair of glasses, but also his old No. 65.

He’s closer than you may think, scheduled to throw on Monday in the Gulf Coast League. Carl Pavano follows on Tuesday, and plenty of good seats are still available. Plenty of sun-baked aluminum bench seats.

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Pavano? PAVANO?????


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