So why not Bonds?

I’ve received a good amount of feedback on the topic of Barry Bonds, and that’s not surprising. He’s been a hot-button issue for years now, so with baseball’s most feared bat in recent memory still hanging around as a free agent and 65 hits shy of 3,000 (to say nothing of the injury troubles plaguing Jorge Posada and Hideki Matsui), clearly Yankees fans are thinking about putting everything else aside and bringing him to the Bronx.

Bonds’ agent, Jeff Borris, has shopped his client desperately, even offering to have Bonds enter a big league clubhouse for the league minimum. Yet Brian Cashman — the man who makes such decisions — appears to be giving it no thought. The other 29 general managers seem to be taking the same approach. What gives?

Here’s essentially the response I just hammered out to another e-mail (yes, this means I’m recycling.) Maybe you have a different take:

“I have no doubt that Bonds can be a presence in a Major League lineup. You saw
last year that he can still hit home runs (28) and is still the type of guy pitchers
pitch around and consider when plotting out their work. If you think Bobby Abreu
worked deep counts in front of A-Rod, imagine what putting Bonds into the lineup would do. He’s strictly a DH, but you could work him in.
The flip side is off the field. It seems no
team wants to put a federally indicted steroid user in their uniform at age 44,
particularly one awaiting trial. The Yankees saw that bringing Roger Clemens back caused headaches, and perhaps
they don’t want to replicate that. Bonds wasn’t exactly the easiest person for
the Giants to accommodate, so you can’t put him in the class of admitted users like Jason Giambi and Andy Pettitte.

Also, the Yankees have promised A-Rod
an additional $50 million if and when he eventually passes Bonds on the all-time home run list — maybe they
just don’t want to see him tack on to the 762 in their uniform.”



IF Crashman were idiotic enough to sign a lying-**** cheater like Bonds,he sshould join you and your boyfriend Bonds in the garbage heap. Only a Retard like yourself would even think of signing Bonds. F uck Bonds, he’s a loser!!!


Bonds has not been convicted of any thing….His attitude is no worse than Ted Williams who also loathe the press…and for good reason.. Mickey Mantle was a lush…Why didn’t this so-called respectable, objective, sports media let the adoring fan base know of this mans boozing and anphetamine popping….the media is doing nothing more than a smear job and small minded, lemming-like fans fall for unsubstantiated bunk printed by mean spirited, jealous sports reporters who frankly are mad that Bonds will not kiss their ——for being able to play professional baseball…These so called “journalist” fail the first rule of journalism…report the facts…not conjecture…Sports media needs to quit trying to shape public opinion by trying Athletes in the court of Public Opinion. The Yanks will be wise to forget about the press and think about winning the division and world Series…there is no big bat available to the Yanks that would not require selling the farm (young pitchers). The Yanks do not have one position player in their minor league who can immediately contribute any meaningful run production to their line-up…unless you really think Brent Gardner is the next coming of Mickey Mantle. Matusi will eventually have to have surgery, Posada is done for the year and its wishful thinking that Damon is going to be as productive defensively or offensively prior to crashing to the fence. Cashman, sign Bond’s NOW !


raz is doing well so far…


um, whats was melky doing??? did I just miss something??
was he show-boating w/ a .250 avg?????


I agree with that Robert… I’d rather see us make no deals than to make silly ones. I know it’s like blasphemy but it’d be ok if we didn’t make the playoffs. I know I know, that was hard to say for me too much less for you to read. No “fan” wants to see his/her team fail, but at the same time we mustn’t get swept away with this streak either. I think making the playoffs and that mentality (Every year) has arguably contributed to some of the moves we’ve made that have depleted our farm and aged this team overall over the years.

Now then, it obviously didn’t work and it shows as we got that core group together and it was a very excellent mix of veterans, youngsters with skill and enthusiasm, and solid pitching. We made a couple of fill-ins that were successful from 96-00, but since then, it has not worked with respect to whom we’re replacing and where we’re replacing them and where they’re from!

Now that’s not to say that I don’t like a few of the deals that are possible, but depending on details, I’d just as soon not make trades that ONLY try to bolster us for the season. I’d rather see long-term like moves that address impending or pre-existing issues. I realize that’s not always immediately possible… but I think in a few cases for this team, there are possibilities.

Anyway… No Bonds. That would also be totally against what we’re trying to do as I’ve stated before. I understand that the injuries seem like a reason to justify but I think you’re just prolonging your long-term efforts by doing so, even if you’re only renting through the end of the year. We need to ‘replace’ Posada, Damon, Giambi, Abreu, Matsui, and *gasp* Jeter too coming soon. Obviously not all of these have to be ‘right-away’ but they’re impending. So we either need depth or flatout replacements, or even a mix of both. All of those things plus what we need to do in the pitching department… I just don’t see Cashman who has thrown bandaids on everything so far this season doing all of those things in one week in one fell swoop. Nor should he have to. But, making silly choices like the Bonds ‘choice’ is silly. Me thinks that’s just one more way for the media to foster the notion that the Yankees are so unscrupulous; that we’d go after Bonds simply because they can make the case for it because of our injuries (us and how many other teams?!). Funny how you don’t see stories like: Why the Mariners should be interested and sign Bonds!

You didn’t hear any team’s name associated with Bonds other than Pittsburgh and San Francisco pretty much all spring and to this point and ours conveniently comes up when hmmm, we happen to be doing about as good as we have all season long and have good momentum, etc… 😉


Crud!!! I’m missing Seinfeld!!!!!
How could you trade Jay Buhner!!!!


OK. So let’s not grumble about Gardner learning at the MLB level. Or a lack of offensive production from Moeller and Molina. And let’s not advocate bankrupting our farm system for an arm or a bat now just to make the playoffs. I’ll still watch and cheer every game, win or lose! And I’ll especially enjoy September when some of the kids from our farm will get a little playing time, always my favorite month of the season.


NO GOLD BONDS MEDICATED POWDER on this team. That guy is a like a bad infection. Once he’s on you butt you can’t get rid of him. If we sign him I’m going to start posting on the Washington Senators blog and drool over pictures of Walter Johnson.
Speaking of The Senators AKA Texas Rangers/ Minnesota Twins, Do you think that if Walter Johnson had a better team, say, maybe a team that had some major league ball players and not Little Leaguers, do you think he would have won 500 games? Do you think he would ahve surpased Cy Young? He had enough starts and lost a LOT of games to errors and no run support.

in 1913 he was 36-7 w/ a 1.14 ERA. He pitched 346 innings!!! The year after he pitched 371!!!

Senators in 1913: 90-64. He won 1/3 of his teams games.

I say lets sign Walter Johnson. Is he still available? Will he come to the AL? I want this guy Johnsona dn I want him now! Costanza, where’s my Calzone? Find Costanza, and tell him I want my Calzone or he’s fired!!

I’m sorry. But all of this Barry Talk has made me crazy.


Hey Robert, I think ex-cons deserve work too, just not at the premiere organization in Baseball!

I think with Bonds it’s not so much a question of guilt or innocence with owners or GMs it’s all about perception! Not one of them wants to be the one perceived as caring so little for the integrity of the game they’d take someone like Bonds who has done NOTHING to clear his name and has only done EVERYTHING in his power to deflect what he’ll eventually have to answer for. It’s not like even Roger Clemens; Bonds has a guy sitting in jail protecting him and is paying him to do so. That’s about as much as anyone would need for a presumption of guilt.

We do not need his bat. Because then you must also accept his knees, his attitude, the media sheisestorm, his LACK of defense, that we also would still need ANOTHER OF unless you plan on playing Damon/Gardner anyway!?

The fact that no one has picked him up yet tells me that there’s at least 31 half-way smart GMs and/or Owners in this league.


the reason why the offense has been limping is because every month since april we have had at least 2 .300 hitters on the DL. That’ll do it.

we need another .300 hitter who doesn’t have leg problems, and hopefully won’t run into a wall and get flattened while the ball just sits there on top of the fence(funniest thing in history). Is nady the answer????


If anyone subscribes to the belief that convicted felons should be entitled to a job somewhere, what about Bonds? He isn’t even convicted yet!!!

If we can’t get a decent bat at a reasonable price to replace the production of Matsui and Posada why not sign Bonds for two months? Once we get to the playoffs leave him off of the playoff roster!


Just because Bryan had to address it doesn’t mean our front office is really considering it.

The only way you even think about Bonds is to lose yourself in pure offensive numbers for just a moment. Then after that moment you realize there’s a ton of other things that must be considered as well and then you stop thinking about it because every single new thing to be considered only adds a new problem. For example… if we add Bonds, we HAVE to play him at DH. Ok so then how many ABs does he get from Giambi? Are they worth taking away from the Giambino? Etc… etc… etc.

The fact that his agent is trying to shop him for the league minimum… that says ALL that you need to say. I could care less that he’s 44, he belted 28 HRs last year and you know he can still hit ’em a long way. I just think that even with his negative numbers included you can market this guy for more than the league minimum. Oh wait, no you can’t because he’s awaiting trial and may actually go to prison… and while he may not go to jail this season or even before, during or after the playoffs, why in the heck would you want to bring the negativity that would likely surpass any positives he could bring?

Yep no matter how much time you spend thinking about it, you realize, nah, just too many negatives. That’s exactly why his butt hasn’t been signed yet, and hopefully won’t. I think you’d be surprised how well the owners will stick together when they have a reason to! No one will touch the Home Run King?! Because, no one really believes he’s the home run king, more like the home run thing! People realize that he’s probably achieved one of the most sought-after records in Baseball by cheating… I have no problem with MLB not giving him an * but the fans know and the fans make this game… so we as the fans say… no thank you!

No back to your pitiful little life Bonds. How proud are you now? How proud are you to have grown up a privileged boy due to your father and kin? How proud are you that despite the genes of your dad and the privileged life you led as a youngster being so involved in the game of baseball that many kids don’t have; that you still had to resort to cheating to be one of the best?! Pride cometh before the fall… and I’m waiting on that! “Timber” anyone?


Chaz, chill man, you are going to bust a ‘roid! (couldn’t help myself)

I totally agree with you on this Bonds thing. he is a disgrace and his attitude is as bad as his roid use.

He’s a [feminine hygiene product] and its really telling how NO ONE wants to sign him. I wonder how the HOF voting is going to look like?

His dad was a good guy, well liked, and a class act. Barry has sullied his name, sadly….


my bad. Vasquez and Navarro were both part of the same deal to get RJ. Nick Johnson was part of the deal to get Vasquez. woopsie. Who cares. both deals sucked anyways.

But about into eternity-theyare pretty talented, but I think I was turned off before i even heard them. one of my all time favorite bands named Desultory had an album called “Into Eternity” which was their debut. It will always be a classic to me, and I was just listening to the song “Asleep” last night while I was trying to sleep. The Title track is as intense as it gets….

I gues I felt like “NOOOO! That name is sacred to me! How could anyone do that!!!” Then I heard them and I was like “they are pretty good…but they aren’t Desultory”. Then i saw them live and I was like “they are pretty good…but…” Eh, too much emotional baggage on my part.

And they had a lot of competition that night I saw them-Scar Symmetry, Dark Tranquillity, and The (snooze) Haunted. Maybe if they were headlining and had a better sound or something i’d have enjoyed them more. Very talented band, though…

Have you seen them? you should if you like their albums. They play with energy and are pretty tight (although they got totally screwed with their libe sound-opening acts usually do…)

You know who you’d like, Jeterstar? Soilwork. Have you heard them? Amazing band…like Dark Tranquillity, sorta, but a bit more technical. I like DT better though.

Oh yeah, and I think it would be a great Idea to Sign Bonds. Thats a real winner right there. Mike and The MadDog would eat that up alive and chew it up and spit it out. I can see the back of the post now: “Barroid in the Bronx! Desperate Yankees Need To Shoot up to win the AL east….”
I’d rather have my gums scraped…


Keep that miserable motherphuker, and the rest of his roid buddies as far away from my team as humanly possible. It’s bad enough that we have 2 admitted users on the roster, and one pedophilic roid pariah one season removed. why is it even a discussion to add THE poster boy for the steroid era? Congratulations, the Yankees are already the flagship ROID franchise, and we actually have a significant percentage of the fanbase that’s cool with perpetuating our HUMILIATION! Are you phukin people insane? Or, is it that you just don’t give a phuk? Either way, you’re pissing me off!!!




So our only hope for the playoffs this year is adding Bonds?
My initial thoughts were NO, NO, NO, but, I thought Matsui would be back. Now, I think signing Bonds for two months would convince Matsui to have his surgery now and be more than ready for 2009. And we’d certainly keep the NY media and all of baseball buzzing with Bonds stories and speculation! In his heyday George would love it!



Richmond (Braves) 7p


New Hampshire (Blue Jays) 7:05p
Brevard County (Brewers) 7p


Greensboro (Marlins) 7p

Staten Island
Jamestown (Marlins) 7:05p

GCL Braves 12p
You may also see for details.



Richmond (Braves) 4
Scranton/WB 6
W: K. Igawa (9-5, 3.80); L: F. Bueno (2-5, 4.97); SV: S. Jackson (2)
HR: RIC: B. Canizares (11). SWB: C. Ransom (17), B. Broussard 2 (4).
Trenton 9
New Hampshire (Blue Jays) 8
W: A. Claggett (2-0, 1.10); L: J. Pinto (4-3, 6.02); SV: J. Valdez (1)
HR: NHM: T. Snider (15).
Brevard County (Brewers)
Charleston 9
Greensboro (Marlins) 10
W: S. Cishek (2-4, 3.97); L: C. Vacek (5-4, 3.93)
HR: CHA: J. Snyder (4), C. Angelini (2). GBO: T. Hickman (11), R. Curry (9), M. Dominguez (7), T. Langley (5).
Brooklyn (Mets) 4
Staten Island 1
W: B. Moore (3-1, 4.05); L: T. Dennehy (1-1, 1.86); SV: S. Clyne (3)
HR: BRO: J. Abruzzo (2).
GCLYankees 5
GCL Blue Jays 10
W: Page (1-0, 3.18); L: Noesi (1-1, 5.06)
HR: BLU: Talley (3).
You may also see for details.


That is a very interesting stat Chaz. I wouldn’t have guessed we were that good in the pen.

One thing though and obviously it still doesn’t apply so much to the pen, but I’m guessing that our starters had already taken their beating for the team rather than some long-reliever.

I’d have to look at the numbers closer but if we’re 43-1 when leading after six, doesn’t that make us something like 5-40 when NOT leading after six? I know we had our first come from behind win when losing by three or more recently… so we haven’t been coming from behind much. That really points more to the pitching than the offense in my mind though as we should see slightly more come from behind wins (read: Offense) than we actually have. It’s absolutely great to think if we have the lead after six that we’re going to win 95%+ of the time, but you can almost flip that around the opposite way, which doesnt’ exactly make you warm and fuzzy.

But for what it is, it’s fabulous and almost totally unexpected from this staff. Let’s hope the offense does it’s share down the stretch and picks up some wins and gives the opposing team a few more ND’s instead of our guys!


Navarro would’ve been backing up Posada until now. RCN, you mean to tell me you wouldn’t take Navarro over Molina or Moeller as starter right now?


Will you guys listen to yourselves? Navarro? He’s batting .313. He was a farm hand 5 season ago when Jorge was 31! In those 5 seasons with the Dodgers and Rays he’s batted: .273, .280, .244, .227 and now .313. Last season, apparently the FIRST when he was counted on as an everyday player (119 games), he hits .227. He’s never hit more than 9 homers. In that time (excluding this year), Jorge has hit .272, .262, .277, .338. Over that span he has averaged about 22 homers. I think mgt figured we’d find another catcher eventually and pitching, as some of you may recall, has been an ISSUE of late…… Now, I wont debate the success of trading for Vasquez but…..


Nice job by Matsui on declining on sugery. He’s really smart. This way he can plug up the DH while he plays at 80%, he can damage his busted knee beyond repair, and miss out on playing time next season as a result. Sometimes what’s best for the team is to swallow your pride and take the knife, Godzilla.


From the Edwar Ramirez article:
“…the bullpen’s 3.42 ERA is sixth lowest in the Majors, their opponents bat .228 (second lowest in the Majors) and the Yankees are a Major League-best 43-1 this season when leading after six innings.”
Is it me, or does this basically mean that we already have the best bullpen in baseball? Numbers don’t lie. If we can manage to get Fuentes or Marte, we would have a freaking PHENOMENAL bullpen.
Yes Vasquez AND Navarro were packaged to Arizona for Randy Johnson. THAT was a smart trade.


I’m pretty sure Navarro was packaged for Randy Johnson.
“Any deal for Holliday this season, would likely need to include both prospects and current starters. The Rockies reportedly want at least a starting outfielder in return, if not a starting pitcher”. ***How about trading Abreu back to the NL?
Or, Abreu to the Pirates for Nady or Bay. I hear Bay doesn’t want to leave Pitt. That’s funny because most people don’t want to live there.


Nah Michael, I’m not sure who they got for Navarro, but I bet Cashman was like, well hell we don’t Navarro, we got Jorgie! On a side note Michael, I can’t believe you don’t listen to Into Eternity. Eh, I hear ya though, I guess they aren’t hard enough for ya, that’s cool though. And my uncle would have to have picked me up from TX, to take me to the game but I’ll see the Yanks in August when they come to Arlington, but there’s nothing like being in Yankee Stadium…goosebumps:)


You know who the yankees got when they traded Navarro?
Javier Vasquez. also known as “grandslam” Vasquez. We should have traded for Israel Vasquez. At least HE can take a hit….

Hey Jeterstar, Uncle Dave didn’t take you to the game? That is SO unfair!


What ever happened to Francisco Cervelli? How’s that wrist of his? And the Yanks have some 18 yr old catcher, Jesus Montero in the farm system, but he ain’t ready by any means. I read somewhere that the Yanks used to have Dinor Navarro (now with the Rays) but they traded him…damn! Navarro has been great for the Rays. As for Miguel Olivo, isn’t he like 31-32 yrs old? I rather have Max R. or Salty from the Rangers they are 24 and 22 yrs old respectively, their youth gives them more upside. But then again the Yanks could probably get Olivo at a cheaper price no?


minor leage has become a hot commodity as of late, but not the true concept of having a farm system to groom and educate the players to one day shine in the majors, and most importantly to fill roles in the clubs major league squad.

but nowadays, it has become a freefrall anyway the trades loom and the best bats are somehow traded for “players to be named later”

NYY will buy a cathcer (quality catcher), its unfortunate but we singed posada and molina within days of each other last year to perfomr, now we gotta do it again.

was abreu, cano, girardi, cabrerra, pettite & moose injured this year, cause everyone else was……


I’ll pass on Bonds, too much drama and the Yankees already have enough drama at 3rd base. As for the catching situation I take it there is no one in our minor league system worth looking at? If not, again I ask what do the minor league managers do to earn their salaries? Did management really think Jorge was going to play until he was 50?


bonds is over, no team has offered him the bare-bond minimum

he is 44, hasnt played in 2008 and no-one has picked him up,,,,not even crashman,,,,,

great thiught about how arod has to beat him so imagine this, bonds homers to left taking arods rbis away from him as well.

cano should be at .300 by 1st week of august,,,,any takers,,,


Even if getting Bonds meant winning a World Series, I don’t want him on this team. Some things in life are more important than winning a game.


Miguel Olivo is on the trade block. Seems like we could try and package somthing for him. As catchers go, he’s not helpless at the plate, and he plays great defense.


One good thing I will say about Bonds is his on base percentage, it was pretty good last year. But I’ll pass. I’m more worried about the catcher situation. Molina is going to need help, I think Matt S. mentioned getting Salty, but the Rangers have other catchers that they might part with like Max Rameriez, he can’t hit that great but he’s tough behind the plate, they also have Taylor Teagarden. Laird should be coming off the DL soon so, maybe the Rangers would be willing to part with one of their young catchers. My Uncle Dave is going to the Yankee game today, ugghhh, why he didn’t take his lovely charming niece, I’ll never know…not fair.


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