A sleepy afternoon comes alive

The early part of this game seemed like everyone was sleepwalking around with the heat, but it sure got a lot more interesting in – say – the ninth inning. Justin Christian has to be the happiest person in the park that we are now in extra innings, but if Christian doesn’t fall down, the Yankees have arguably won the game by now. You never know. Mariano Rivera has been awesome in save situations but strangely not so much in tie games.

In the interests of keeping you up to date (and making sure the stories get their play before we push them off the Yankees front page), here’s what we’ve got cooking on MLB.com.

Hideki Matsui ordered to rest through weekend
Yankees back from break with a bang — beat A’s, 7-1
Dave Robertson making Yankees take notice
Johnny Damon inches closer to lineup with BP session


Oh, good info.

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Sean Henn is property of the Padres. His old pants are property of the Yankees.

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Scranton/WB 2
Lehigh Valley (Phillies) 1
W: I. Kennedy (2-2, 2.73); L: M. Childers (3-3, 2.54); SV: S. Strickland (6)
HR: None
Trenton 5
Portland (Red Sox) 4 (7)
W: M. Melancon (5-0, 2.01); L: M. James (3-4, 4.34)
HR: TRE: A. Jackson (9).
Trenton 3
Portland (Red Sox) 0
W: P. Coke (9-4, 2.60); L: T. Large (0-1, 4.63); SV: E. Wordekemper (6)
HR: None.
Tampa 10
Jupiter (Marlins) 3
W: I. Nova (5-11, 4.45); L: G. Taylor (9-6, 3.31)
HR: TAM: A. Perez (5), E. Nunez (4), J. Gil (1).
Charleston 3
Kannapolis (White Sox) 1
W: D. Betances (5-3, 3.84); L: C. Shirek (3-5, 3.45); SV: J. Ortiz (26)
HR: KAN: M. Fleisher (9).
Brooklyn (Mets) 4
Staten Island 5
W: A. Shive (4-2, 2.55); L: S. Clyne (0-1, 15.00)
HR: BRO: J. Abruzzo (1). STA: M. Mesa (3), D. Adams (1).
GCL Blue Jays 6
GCLYankees 9
W: R. Marte (1-0, 1.72); L: J. Anderson (1-1, 1.46); SV: M. Obradovich (6)
HR: BLU: W. Ramirez (2). YAN: C. Joseph (1).
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.

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I thought you dumped Henn, the report is he gave Sexson his gear because we didn’t have any in 7XL

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Jose just has too much to move in too little time. Easy Hit By pitch.


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