Pitching matchups for the A’s series

Greg Smith, LHP (5-7, 3.43) @  Mike Mussina, RHP (11-6, 3.61)

Scouting Report:
A’s: Smith will get the series-opening nod in the absence of Joe Blanton, who was traded to Philadelphia on Thursday. Smith threw six shutout innings against the Mariners in his last start, but got no run support — nothing new for him — en route to a no-decision. He left the game having received zero Oakland runs in seven of his 17 starts, and one run in another three outings. This will be his first career start against the Yankees.

Yankees: Mussina will take the mound, having last pitched on July 10 against at Pittsburgh. He allowed two earned runs on nine hits while striking out five over six strong innings of work. Mussina is 17-10 with a 3.82 ERA in his career against the Athletics.

Justin Duchscherer, RHP (10-5, 1.82) @ Joba Chamberlain, RHP (2-3, 2.62)

Scouting Report:
A’s: Two days before making his second career All-Star appearance, Duchscherer pitched 7 2/3 solid innings against the Angels, giving up two runs on five hits while walking two and striking out three in a no-decision. He has yet to surrender more than three earned runs in a game, and his last start marked the 15th time in 16 starts he walked two batters or fewer. Duchscherer gave up one run through seven innings facing the Yankees earlier this year.

Yankees: Chamberlain will be making his first career appearance against the Athletics. The 22-year-old has been effective since joining the rotation on June 3, posting a 2.81 ERA in eight starts, but has just one win over that span. Chamberlain’s last outing was on July 11 at Toronto, when he surrendered three runs on seven hits while striking out nine. Jays ace Roy Halladay outdueled him en route to a shutout victory.

Sean Gallagher, RHP (4-4, 4.25) @  Andy Pettitte, LHP (10-7, 4.03)

Scouting Report:
A’s: In his first career start as an American League pitcher, the newly acquired Gallagher proved he can get a win just as easily as Rich Harden in the A’s rotation by pitching seven dominant innings of two-hit, two-run ball. Traded by the Cubs for Harden in a six-player deal four days before he made the start, Gallagher struck out seven in the win over the Angels. This will mark his first career start against the Yankees.

Yankees: Pettitte’s successful first half came to a disappointing end during his last outing against the Blue Jays. New York’s veteran left-hander suffered through a four-run second inning en route to his seventh loss of the season. The biggest blow came off the bat of infielder Marco Scutaro, who hit a three-run home run to break the game open. Pettitte managed to settle down and completed six innings, allowing eight hits while striking out six. He is 9-5 with a 3.42 ERA in 18 career starts against Oakland.


Hey Jeterstar,

Hmmm…into eternity…Well, thats a good question.

I know a lot of people like them. They are Canadian, no?

That was the second opening band for the Haunted/DT show in March.

I’m not into them. They put on a decent show, and if you are into them I HIGHLY recommend trying to get out to a show (if you hadn’t already seen them).

They are a good band and I can understand why people like them. My brother-in-law LOVED them. I liked Scar Symmetry better, though.

What else?

Did you see Derek do his little tango at the plate? Amazing. How did he not get tagged? The guy just amazes me.

I still like A-Rod, though. I think if the other players can
keep doing what they are doing he’ll be able to perform.



I was goin’ to say just that. This lineup is pretty pathetic, especially with Sexson, Cano, Cabrea, Molina, and Gardner hitting 5-9. Anyone thinking Gardner will overtake Cabrera is clearly on something!!!! Still hasn’t shown he can start at this level. Don’t be too surprised with Sexson, Cano, and Gardner making major contributions to the strikeout total!!! I wonder how many chicks post on this board on a regular basis? Don’t want to be the only one!!


Avg. With RISP:


Yankees: Signed 1B Richie Sexson to a Major League contract; optioned LHP Billy Traber to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre; transferred RHP Phil Hughes to the 60-day disabled list.

Sexson is in the lineup tonight batting fifth.


I too am beginning to wonder about the Wonderkind. I can’t say I’ve always liked Alex, but you can’t deny his ability as a ball-player and to that extent, yeah I like to see him do what he can do.

But it sure seems he’s not quite the upstanding guy eh? Now don’t get me wrong I have no clue what’s happened in their marriage but it’s never right to be an adulterer I don’t care what the excuse is.

I am kind of curious why Cynthia’s lawyers are asking for any recordings of her obtained by Alex or anyone else in his stead?

I don’t think it’s going to matter much, she’s going to rape his *** no doubt about it, he better be real happy he got that contract, because now he’s going to be paid about right… half of what that’s worth!

For our sake, I hope it goes over without too much drama… whether we like the person or not he’s a huge part of our team and will be for awhile; we need for him to be focused and productive.


Sexson can start tonight. It’s not like he has to memorize any plays. Hit the ball when it’s in the stike zone and catch the ball when it’s thrown or hit to him. I’ve never really liked A-Rod. Too bad for his fat contract because he could be traded for quite a few players.


it sucks cause i defended A-Rod in 2006 also, and now he has all these personal issues going on off the field

btw, i have a nice feeling for the next 2 series – a chance to pass Oakland in the WC and then hopefully to pull even or pass Minnesota – i think TB may be cooling down now also


Actually I used to be obessessed with Alex when I was in high school, until I found out what kind of person he is. I used to take alot of crap from friends for liking A-Rod so much, but I’m done defending him, cause he doesn’t deserve it, he’s a great ballplayer, but he bites as a person. And he hasn’t done enough in October for me to get off his back, by the way hate is such a strong word, I just really really don’t like him:) He does make me laugh though!


“..let’s see, do I want to hang with a fake phony who likes old hags or the coolest motherfreaker alive who hangs with other hot athletes and supermodels..”

so harsh – how can you hate A-rod so much.. if he wasn’t in the lineup, the Yankees would be in a far worse position now

(i don’t agree with his supposed extra-marital affairs, but as a ballplayer, he’s one of the best imho)


I would imagine Duncan would get the axe no? The Yanks are butt crazy in love with Betemit.
*Off subject question for Michael Macaluso* Do you like Into Eternity? They are other one of my fave metal bands to workout to, ‘Beginning of the End’ is the most played song on my ipod:)


My guess would be Hughes or Wang to the 60 day DL.


Who is getting whacked from the 40? Duncan? Betemit?



Lehigh Valley (Phillies) 7:05p

Portland (Red Sox) 7

Jupiter (Marlins) 7:05p

Kannapolis (White Sox) 7:05p
Batavia (Cardinals) 7p
Staten Island

GCL Phillies 12p

You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.



Scranton/WB 0
Lehigh Valley (Phillies) 2
(Completion of game previously suspended on 7/3/08)
W: J. Happ (6-6, 3.31); L: I. Kennedy (1-1, 0.87)
HR: LHV: J. Knott (10).
Scranton/WB 6
Lehigh Valley (Phillies) 5 (7)
W: D. McCutchen (4-6, 3.58); L: G. Knotts (2-3, 5.13); SV: S. Strickland (4)
HR: SWB: J. Miranda (6), J. Closser (3). LHV: A. Tracy 2 (17), J. Knott (13).
Trenton 8
Portland (Red Sox) 1
W: C. Wright (8-2, 3.09); L: D. Richardson (6-6, 5.70)
HR: None.
Tampa 0
Jupiter (Marlins) 1 (2) SUSPENDED
Charleston 7
Kannapolis (White Sox) 5 (11)
W: C. Vacek (5-3, 3.99); L: E. Stephenson (0-1, 4.50); SV: R. Zink (1)
HR: CHA: B. Suttle (8). KAN: C. Marrero (6).
Batavia (Cardinals) 4
Staten Island 2
W: M. Tapia (3-2, 2.59); L: D. Phelps (2-2, 4.00); SV: A. Reifer (7)
HR: None.
GCL Phillies 12p
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.


I doubt that Sexson would be in the lineup so soon, but who knows. I read something funny in the NY Post about nobody showing up to A-Rod’s All Star game party at the 40/40 Club. Ha ha ha what a loser, everybody went to Jeet’s party. Hmmm, let’s see, do I want to hang with a fake phony who likes old hags or the coolest motherfreaker alive who hangs with other hot athletes and supermodels hmmmmm, that’s a tough decision. And A-Rod left the game early, only to hang out with himself, while Jeet stayed for the whole game and still threw a great bash, good stuff, I love the NY Post.


I’m expecting Sexson will be in the clubhouse and they’ll announce a roster move tonight. They would have probably done that anyway, but he wouldn’t have been in the lineup unless they were facing a lefty. Clubhouse opens up around 3:30.


since a lefty is starting tonight vs the Yanks with Blanton traded away, is Sexson actually signed yet? Could he be available tonight? He has a .344 average against lefties!


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