The first (and last) Mustache Day at Yankee Stadium

The Yankees have had some pretty good promotions in recent years. I’ve still got those bronze statues of Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford that they gave away (I broke the Phil Rizzuto one … sorry Scooter, you took a tumble off my bookshelf), and the All-Star Game cap is my usual standby for jogging or the gym.

But these Jason Giambi mustaches today may take the prize for their most memorable giveaway. We’re looking at men, women, and children of all ages wearing their Giambi mustaches, and it’s unbelievable. Where does one actually go for this many fake mustaches on short notice? Even Mike Mussina was walking around wearing one this morning.

If this doesn’t rock the Final Vote for Giambi, I don’t know what will. I asked him what it’d be like to look at 20,000 fake mustaches in the crowd today. “A lot of wannabe Italians,” he said.


Hey, Bryan

The box says Poson through 6IP?


Oh, Thats great I hope Donnie’s personal life is back in order. “That don’t impress me much” Take your Rays outa’ here behold the all mighty stach!


Donnie Baseball to take over as Dodgers hitting coach after the break:,0,6672282,print.story


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