Pettitte’s season to be disrupted?

This was talked about as a possibility back when the Mitchell Report fallout was all we were talking about, but thankfully hundreds upon hundreds of innings of actual baseball pushed it back in the news.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Andy Pettitte could be called to Harris County, Texas to appear as a witness in the defamation lawsuit that Roger Clemens has brought against former personal trainer Brian McNamee. You’ll remember that Pettitte largely sided with McNamee’s version of events when he provided a sworn deposition to Congress.

Pettitte starts tonight as the Yankees open a four-game weekend series with the Boston Red Sox.


Can you tell me if the Yankees are doing any type of fireworks tonight or tommorow?


True. I think it is a bunch of crap to call him during the season to have to deal with this stuff. Let the man do his job in peace and then take care of all of this extra BS after the season.


Sounds like a personal problem. This is what he gets for trying to cheat.


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