Random in-game musings from Progressive Field

As we watch Billy Traber have a bit of trouble here in the sixth inning, I’m reminded of last week in New York, when I rattled off a Q&A with the left-hander that — for one reason or another — never made it into print. Here’s an excerpt that is appropriate given where this game is being played…

MLB.com: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen associated with baseball?

Traber: That would have to be in Cleveland, my first season. I had fans following me home from Jacobs Field. The ballpark was downtown and it’s obviously a great city because everything was so close, so I didn’t drive. The fans would follow me home sometimes. I’d sign autographs, and you’d think that after a couple of blocks they’d get bored, but there were a lot of days that I’d get followed all the way from Jacobs Field to West 9th Street, which was like 10 blocks away. It was definitely an eye-opener.

Back to the action. I noticed today that, with Chad Moeller on his way out the door, Morgan Ensberg had quickly stowed a mask back in his locker. He’s the third catcher around these parts and he’s not letting anyone forget it.  Last year the Yankees’ emergency catcher was Doug Mientkiewicz, though you’d think Shelley Duncan would do a bang-up job if they ever would let him strap on the gear.

And while I’m on a rant (hi, Dennis Miller), see if this makes sense to you. Why would a Continental Airlines flight attendant wake me up this morning to tell me the plane can’t take off if I have the little plastic blind down in front of my window? Is the pilot going to come back and steer the plane from Seat 2A? Just a thought. By the way, the same flight attendant came back upon landing. Planes that can’t land or take off with a window shade down seems to me like a huge design flaw.


Hey, I found the answer to my question. It makes sense, I suppose.


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I took the same continental gulfstream jet last week, cockpit with open curtain freaky stuff.

Welcome to Aussie B who should be touching down in NY in the next 24.

Brian Bruneye will head back to arbritation? with the best year of his career.

Sign someone for the bullpen. off a scrap heap near you. Hawkins is getting Mike Myers’d. Igawa is coming for Traber.

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I’m afraid of flying because I don’t want the plane to crash.

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Buffalo (Indians) 1
Scranton/WB 2
W: S. Henn (1-0, 1.35); L: J. Stanford (2-3, 7.97); SV: J. Veras (7)
HR: BUF: W. Toregas (1).
New Britain (Twins) 3
Trenton 8
W: D. McCutchen (3-1, 1.42); L: R. Mullins (1-2, 2.33)
HR: NBR: L. Hughes (7).
Fort Myers (Twins) 2
Tampa 3
W: J. Valdez (3-0, 0.00); L: R. Delaney (0-2, 0.77)
HR: None.
Columbus (Rays) 6
Charleston 3
W: A. Cobb (3-2, 1.98); L: L. Pendleton (1-1, 3.29); SV: T. Risser (5)
HR: None.
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.

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Base Hit !!! …

The Rays Win, The Rays Win, The Rays Win !!!!!!!!!! ….Final: Rays 5, Red Sox 4

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Carl Crawford leads off the bottom of the 11th with a single…. Stolen Base !!!…Upton up, and he walks ….1st and 2nd – no outs !!!

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I don’t believe I’m saying this, BUT GO RAYS DAMMIT!


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Bottom of the 11th…

Red Sox 4, Rays 4 …. The Rays just ended the 10th and the 11th innings with double plays !!!

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oh well back to .500……same old story. The only good points being Giambi geting a little hot (maybe Cano will be next) and Albaladejo’s 2 scoreless innings. I’m guessing he’ll get Bruney’s spot.

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