A Wahoo welcome from Harry Doyle

HarryDoyle.jpg“Good evening and welcome to Teepee Talk!  Hey, in case you haven’t
noticed, and judging by the attendance you haven’t … the Indians have
managed to scrape together a few wins and are threatening to climb out
of the cellar!”

I can never pass up an opportunity to quote Bob Uecker or Major League. Here in Cleveland, the Yankees are a little bit reconfigured, having placed Brian Bruney on the 15-day disabled list with a potentially season-ending Lisfranc injury and adding pitchers Jonathan Albaladejo and Chris Britton. Catcher Chad Moeller has been sent out into baseball limbo, where he’ll reside for the next 72 hours to see if a team claims him. If not, he’ll report to Triple-A. In the meantime, Moeller gets to fly home to Arizona and see his 2-year-old and 4-year-old children for the first time in a month.

big-buck-hunter-pro-new.jpgThe Progressive Field (still getting used to that name) visiting clubhouse has to be one of the coolest in baseball. I walked in today around 3:30 p.m. ET and saw Kyle Farnsworth sitting in a chair, cocking a shotgun and blasting various woodland animals on the arcade version of Big Buck Hunter Pro. We all crowded around and watched Farnsworth really give it to all of these poor virtual animals. Joe Girardi checked in and said, “A four pointer? That’s not even worth it. That’s like shooting Bambi!”

For those not inclined to violent guns and ammo games, the Indians also provided an arcade standup of Golden Tee, the golf game. The high score belongs to “VER.” Could that be the Tigers’ Justin Verlander?

For me, though, the kicker was seeing the original Nintendo Entertainment System sitting on the floor below a flat-screen HDTV. The 8-bit Bases Loaded cartridge was there, begging to be played, but I guess the guys just aren’t that old school anymore.


re: sean……..maybe he’s back on the juice!! : /


For all our troubles, we are still only 2.5 games back. Considering how the Yankees seem to start slow every year and Boston usually starts well, this isn’t so bad. Our young starters and veteran offense will be clicking by the All Star break, and if we can tighten up the bullpen with a deadline trade and some young arms from our farm I have to fancy us to win the AL East.


I can’t believe Giambi is hitting bombs.


Funny; It feels like we’re winning right now. ????


Classic case of the offense stalling and the pitching falling ( right down the middle. ) Yeah, we’re losing. Anyway, the boys need to find pitches to hit, and although I don’t hve this game on TV, I can tell we’re either hacking at bad pitches or running into great pitching. No runs through two innings.


Giambi’s errors may be frequent, his average shot to pieces, but he still puts away those mistakes.


It’s all about the ol’ school games.

Interesting that Cleveland would have all that in the visitor’s clubhouse…trying to get the opposition out of focus??? Haha

Absolutely gutted about Bruney if his season’s over.


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