Have you ever seen the rain?

Supposedly it’s 74 degrees and sunny in New York right now — at least, according to the Firefox plugin on my laptop. I wouldn’t know in Kansas City, where the tarp is on the playing field (again) and it’s been raining pretty much since the moment we all touched down in Missouri. But it looks like we’ll have baseball tonight and that’s great news.

The most interesting point of the day is that Hideki Matsui will play right field for the Yankees, where he hasn’t played since spraining his ankle in St. Louis. They’re resting Bobby Abreu after he played nine games and the fact the Royals are throwing a lefty, John Bale, factors in.

By the way, LaTroy Hawkins does absolutely the best imitation of a dog bark I’ve ever heard. Hawkins snuck up behind a napping Morgan Ensberg, growled and let loose two barks that would frighten a Doberman. I know I wasn’t the only one who jumped. I figured the Kansas City Police Dept. had brought in a few of the bomb-sniffing dogs; that’s how good it was.


Excellent! We needed that game. I feel a lot better going into Boston now.


I meant pummeling as in workload.


What pummeling, They pen did a pretty good job, only Farns had some problems. When you don’t score, little else matters.


On a more serious note, I would love to see how this bullpen rebounds from the pummelling they took yesterday. I doubt we’ll see Bruney, Farnsworth… jeeze, I forget who else was out there yesterday. Atleast we’re out here on a winning note. On another hand, Pettitte is pitching a great game so far; looks like six, seven good innings from him. ( Maybe six )


Rain … sucks. It looks like that lineup shuffle Girardi pulled out of his **** is working because the Yanks have actually stringed three consecutive one-run innings together. Melky must be working on his pop! What is that? Three homeruns already? He has more than A-Rod. See, I told you guys, MARK MY LETTERS!


Nice! I was watching something else, and I flipped back and we got too more runs!


I was wondering the same thing…some Royals site had folks saying that it’s because Damon said he wanted to stay in KC forever but then has subsequently just been chasing money. A little harsh if that’s true, I mean who wouldn’t want to play for big teams like Boston & NYY.

How did Melky get that out of the yard? Looked like a soft fly-out at first.


Can anyone explain to me why the Kansas City fans boo Johnny Damon? They do know he was traded – not a free agent … right?

January 8, 2001: Traded as part of a 3-team trade by the Kansas City Royals with Mark Ellis to the Oakland Athletics. The Oakland Athletics sent Ben Grieve to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The Oakland Athletics sent Angel Berroa and A.J. Hinch to the Kansas City Royals. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays sent Cory Lidle to the Oakland Athletics. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays sent Roberto Hernandez to the Kansas City Royals.


I like your prediction BDSouth. Pettitte had a good second. I have faith our team. Go Yanks!


These fuggin’ Yankees beter do the following, because I’ll go into super-fugg-the-yankees mode!

1. Work the count.

2. Swing at MISTAKE pitches, DAMMIT! ( Although if a pitcher is dealing, and the ump is on his side, you’ll need lady luck to be on your side. Hitting is the hardest thing to do in sports. I know this. Same for step one!)

3. Pettitte needs to throw strikes early in the count by using his fastball and change-up, and then rely on his two-seamer/cutter/curveball to get hitters to commit with 1 or two strikes on them. That first strike is vital.

4. Use small ball when the opportunity presents itself. This is Girardi’s call, and I know he’ll respond when the bell rings, because he’s not Torre. ( i.e., runner on second with no outs… how about a sacrifice bunt, even if it’s A-Rod, squeeze plays, how about letting Damon try and run one out!? … Steal a damn base ) Get it? Small ball is baseball talk for: MAKE IT HAPPEN MODAFUGGER!

All in all, I expect the Yankees to keep up their miserable ways, because — mentally– this team is dead right now… the morale is low. So unless somebody wakes up ( remember small ball? ) and provides a flash bright enough for the whole team, these guys are going to continue to sleep walk through the season.

Prediction: Pettitte is going to throw a gem. Bale won’t find the sharpness that eluded him in his first start, and the Yanks will be all over him. Turning point of the month, we win 10 games in a row ( including a sweep over Boston. ) Mark my letters!


Shame Hawkins’ stuff isn’t as scary as his dog impression.

Oh lord, the Royals are leading already.


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