Already, a rubber game

Phil Hughes received some of the loudest cheers when the Yankees were introduced before Tuesday’s game, and it’s clear the fan base has high hopes for the youngest member of their pitching staff. It’s almost strange to say that just because Hughes’ demeanor really doesn’t lend itself to youth. He may be 21 but, to me, he carries himself like a veteran already.

Hughes gets the ball rolling on his 2008 campaign tonight in the rubber game of a three-game series with the Blue Jays. Will Jorge Posada appear in the lineup? Will Jason Giambi continue to resemble a dancing bear at first base? Stay tuned. I thought an excellent defensive first baseman — hi, Doug Mientkiewicz — would have caught the ball that Giambi fell into the photo box chasing, but when you throw Giambi out there, you’re basically hoping he’ll knock everything around him down and scoop throws, which he actually is quite adept at doing.

Lessons from yesterday — don’t steal from the Yankees and don’t talk on your cell phone while driving. Mike Mussina looked just OK to me but I was impressed with his ability to spot his curveball, the Frank Thomas hit-by-pitch notwithstanding. If Mussina gives you three earned runs in 5 2/3 innings every time out, I think you have to take that. They won’t face A.J. Burnett every day.


Matsui looks like he is in late 40s baseball wise.


Even though the Giants wound up with Rowand in the end,and may have shown more interest in him than Matsui, the Yanks could have done more to push a Matsui for two relievers trade harder but they didn’t.


Please trade Matsui to the Mets or Dodgers…thanks.


Pitchers win championships, but the Yanks don’t have the type of staff that can win one without a lot help from its offense, especially since this staff is flawed.


It’s Alec Baldwin’s 50th today yet he goes to see the Yanks yesterday?

Actually if I was him I’d be there pretty much all the time


I’m sorry but pitchers win championships not offense.

Look at last year’s Red Sox – no Beckett and they’re beat by the Indians.

Think about the pitching staffs that beat the Yanks in WS 01 & 03…Johnson,Schilling & Beckett, Penny, Pavano, Willis


Brian, you say “already” like it is acceptable. I don’t think it is. In my opinion, and not just because I follow the Yankees religiously, but they have the offense that could have carried them to a 10-0 start going into the Red Sox series. I know, I know, that is asking for a lot, it’s not realistic. But after outdueling Roy Halladay, it should have been an easier road, give or take a run in with a Scott Kazmir, the only other “Ace” until then.

The Yankees can very well be the Bronx Bombers of old, they just gotta bring the bats. It’s understandable to lose to an ace and in this case, our ace in Chein-Ming Wang won. So after that, they should take care of business. Come into a future series with Boston strong and if you lose then, it’s what? “Understandable” A Josh Beckett or a Dice-K or a duel amongst youngsters like Buchholz and Kennedy.

My point is this, A.J.Burnett is barely a .500 pitcher, all due respect. McGowan is up and coming, but not better than the Yankees offense and it’s time that the Yankees start playing like Bronx Bombers. Instill fear in the hearts of their opponents. Start with today. McGowan has to step to that mound in fear. He has to look at the lineup and worry. When Arod comes to bat with men on base, he has to be drenched in sweat. When the Yankees do this and only this, when they can conquer their schedule, they will win. As much as I love them, if they can’t accomplish this, this season will end like the last 7, no if ands or buts.


RobertGKramer, I get all my minor league info from that site. It’s just an awesome minor league site.


For all readers interested in watching the kids at AAA play, check out MiLB.TV. For $6.95 a month or $29.95 a season you can get over 800 minor league games including 97 SWB Yankee games and a few Trenton Thunder (AA) games on your computer.


I’m really excited about Phil having his first start of the season tonight, hopefully the mental aspects of his prior injuries are behind him. I have already pegged him as my fave pitcher on the staff.



Random question. Why is it that the Yankees have not forced or at least taught Giambi how to bunt/hack the ball to the left side of the field? If he could just tap at it to the left, he would get enough singles to make teams stop playing the shift on him. Last night their was NO ONE on the left side, not even the third basemen. Just hack it down there….



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