Much better now, though

Yes, I did just reference Caddyshack. Afternoon has hit in the tri-state area and even though it’s not exactly sunny Tampa, Fla., I just walked outside in short sleeves and didn’t want to race back to a controlled environment. My advice, pack a jacket if you’re heading to the Bronx, but it looks like we’re going to have some baseball tonight.

As troublesome as yesterday was, I did learn something new about Yankee Stadium. Brian Cashman said that the team keeps a radar station in the building to watch those giant green blobs fly around the New York City region. Of course, it didn’t help much, since apparently the radar showed a promising forecast even while the Stadium turf was being pelted.

“It had more to do with having all these people in the house,” Cashman said. “You try to get it in, but do you want to put people through what they went through (Monday)? It’s not easy. It’s not popular. It’s an outdoor arena. Weather is part of the process. You don’t want them to have to go through that.”

Cashman said that the outfield would have been slick if they’d played yesterday, but the game was postponed more for the forecast. In any event, there’s been some light drizzle today but that outfield drains with the best of them.

By the way, never let it be said we at Bombers Beat are afraid to share the spotlight. Jack Curry’s blog and article today in The New York Times about riding to the game with Joe Girardi made for a very entertaining read this morning. And happy April Fool’s Day. We were going to fire off something to celebrate but Peter Abraham has beat us to it.


2003 was the last postponement. 2005 was the last night opener.


I’m more excited this year than last year’s opener because we haver a new manager and just by the fact that knowing Generation Trey will be in full effect.


It just started to rain here in the Bronx….at about 4:25 p.m….It only looks like a brief shower though, as it is not too dark out, and the clouds seem to be moving along…. Hopefully, it will stop before the first pitch….If they played the game at 1:05 p.m. today, the game would probably be over by now!!! Anyway, Go Yankees!…Number 27 in 2008 !!! …..Jimmy27NYY



Look for the “Bombers Beat” link in the bottom left corner of the Yankees home page. You have to scroll down to see it.


First, can someone explain to me where is Bryan Boch MLB blog on the main page and why did they remove it from one of the links there. It feels as though is no longer part of the Yankees website…..

Also Bryan,
I got confused reading the following statement from the rain postponement article…

“The postponement was the first of a Yankees home opener since April 7, 2003, against the Twins, a snowout. Tuesday’s rescheduled game will mark the second night home opener in Yankees history; the first was a 9-2 win on April 3, 2005, against the Red Sox.”

You are saying is the first posponement since 2003 and then you saying that the first was in 2005 with a win against the red sox. I’m I reading it wrong???


I’m HAPPY that it got postponed til tonight! I can watch it now!!


Sure April Fools day is fun. Not when you’re on the receiving end of a joke. Everyone called me Ella (my twin’s name) instead of Evie. I was so confused. I thought I woke up in another body. Then someone slipped up. (I know it seems stupid but I really fell for it).
I’m so excited for tonight it’s not even normal!! I love how no one even picked the Yankees to even make it to the playoffs. I love the team and the guys we have. I found really good tickets at stubhub for Sunday and I’m like 60% going…I’m so excited. And I’m glad they didn’t play yesterday. Think about it. In Florida they were not used to rain at all. Playing in sunshine and stuff…with the wet field yesterday, and them not being used to it in the slightest, someone was bound to slip. It was risking an injury on opening day. That would ****. Go Wang!!


He asked how it happened, and I told him he fell in the shower. Text messaging is awesome. You can lie as fast as you can type!


I’ve got my brother in law believing that Jeter is out for the season with a freak knee injury. I love April fool’s day. I’ll tell him it’s a gag after he gets the gun barrell IN his mouth. I want to ride this out as long as possible.


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