Opening Day, Part Deux

We’ll all be back here at the big ballyard in the Bronx on Tuesday — April Fool’s Day — and there’s a lesson to be learned in all of this. Since 1923, there has never been a Yankees game played here in the month of March. Maybe this is the baseball gods’ way of reminding us that Opening Days are supposed to be played in April?

Nothing changes as everything gets pushed back for a day. Chien-Ming Wang will celebrate his birthday with 0.0 innings pitched under his belt, and Joe Girardi gets another day to sit around and wait for the butterflies that he said did not come. Reggie Jackson has approximately 27 more hours to loosen up his left arm and prepare it to fire a strike across home plate, and Johnny Damon can head home and keep wondering why this series didn’t open under the inviting roof of the Rogers Centre.

Other than that, we’re all settled up here in the big press box overlooking a white tarpaulin. I’ve got some Pearl Jam going on the iPod and there hasn’t been a rain drop in about 45 minutes. It’s actually beginning to look crisp and dry.

If it looks this good leading up to game time tomorrow, we’ll all be very, very happy.


Shucks…. i have to take another half of a personal day, to tailgate all afternoon….haha…sweet



Anyone see that Fukodome kid go all Ichiro last night? What is that about? Let’s see, ummmmm – SANDBAGGER? He get’s 2 lousy extra base hits all spring and then on opening day he goes 3-4 with a double AND a jack? LOL. I love baseball.

On to something that matters (i.e. Yankee stuff)

I LOVE that the media is a bunch of Yankee haters, and has written this team off. For once, we’ll get to “come out of nowhere”. We get to be the underdogs. WE get to make all these sports writers (sans Olney and Verducci, who picked the Yanks to win the division) EAT CROW.

I’m a little annoyed at having to use html tags to create a legible post here. What happened to the old format? If they are going to make you write a web site to post on the blog, why don’t they let me crack open Flash, and post animated images of my random thoughts?


All Yankees fans that also notice how the media is writing off the Yankees this season while they portray the sox to be the favorites while they have similar issues as us…go to and read “Anti-Yankee Media” which has facts that prove the media wrong.


cheshirecat, Listen. A rainy monday at the ball park drinkng beer is ALWAYS better than sitting at a desk in the office!


Hey guys,

Just bored the whole day with no game to watch. Just surfing through some other blogs including that gutless coward who we drove off this board and back onto his Heartland Pinstripe, and guess what name I saw, that’s right everone’s favorite blogger, and mine ( not really ), sentinelofgods. I guess he wanted to take a step down and share his mancrush on that other blog, for the coward!!


I just need to complain for a moment. I took a person day off from work today to be at the stadium. I got there at 11:30am and sat around in the rain drinking expensive beer until 2:30pm when they called off the game. At that point it stopped raining and did not rain for the rest of the day. Whoever called off that game made a bad decision.
Fortunately I live in Manhattan so it is easy for me to make tomorrow night’s game. I feel bad for everyone who took Monday off for no reason though.
Go Yanks!


Hey, Bryan (Australia),

I hope all is going well for you!….Regarding getting games on MLB.TV, everything seems to be working okay on my system…They even upgraded to a 1.2M and 800K picture [from 700K last year], which provides a much clearer picture that is very close to regular TV quality…As you can see, they have made many changes here at over the last few days, so give it a little time as I’m sure thay are working on correcting any problems that have occurred because of the many changes!…You can contact [if you haven’t already] with any questions you may have….Send your questions to… ……Take care, Bryan; and, Good Luck with getting baseball coverage at MLB.TV !!!…. [Jimmy27NYY]


How do I get YES? WGN (White Sox) is on almost every cable/satelite, same with TBS (Braves).


I waited all day to tune in on the American Forces Network here in Germany to see the Yankees in prime time (Central European Time) only to find the Tigers-Royals bonus coverage instead – at least it was a good game.


Is anyone suffering as I am in Australia with MLB not being able to provide any coverage at all of any game or other MLB TV products. I have tried calling from Australia to address the issue to assess what is wrong all to no aavail it is only now after 24 hours of utter frustration that they admit they have a problem and are trying to rectify it. Is anyone else having similiar problems.

Aussie Bryan


What album or song by Pearl Jam?



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