Cold and rainy in the Bronx

Not exactly the picturesque weather setting you’d imagine for Yankee Stadium’s final Opening Day. It’s raining pretty steadily and the tarp is on the field, while the Yankees wait this one out downstairs. Sales of hot chocolate are going briskly, I’d imagine. There has been no estimated start time yet, but John Sterling is on the video board urging the fans to “stay where they are and hopefully in a bit of time we’ll be able to play ball.”

No worries, John. I’m not going anywhere.

Harlan Chamberlain was sitting outside the Yankees clubhouse and raved about how the organization has treated his son so far.

“You treasure the time we have together,” Chamberlain said. “I’ve ingrained myself that there are times I don’t see him. I hear his voice every day. That keeps me going and I know he’s in good hands.”

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