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The Yankees got through their workout this afternoon with no problems, and we’re now just mere hours away from the first pitch of the season, with Chien-Ming Wang tossing to the scrappy David Eckstein. March 31 is also Wang’s birthday and he said that being named the Opening Day starter is the best birthday gift he could possibly have.

There was a lot of discussion today about the new Yankee Stadium and the sendoff for the current place. You’ll see a big display board in right-center field this year counting off the final home games here in the Bronx — this Blue Jays series will be games 81, 80 and 79. Brian Cashman told a good story about how the players and coaches had their faces pressed up against the glass of the Yankee buses, gawking as they passed the construction site.

Everything’s quiet down here in the basement. For now, I’m headed back across the George Washington Bridge to grab some lobster ravioli, watch some NCAA hoops and wind down before the craziness begins. It’s going to be a real memorable season here in the Bronx, you can just tell.


freakin raining…..

Bryan, are you going to be able to do any in-game blogging during the regular season?



i guess we can click on “Report any abuse or spam” and put “senseofnogoods” on this list & block him out this year.

whuch ya think ?


Opening onwards or Ontrage Outing over Outlookers.

Oh, old organization ousted, old owner over, onto other opportunities. Oh, only original overtures organize obstacles, outplaying others. Open Out 08′ only obstruct october ownership, onsite overcoming O7 obnoxious o- ohh’s only opens obvious obnoxious outsiders orchestrating only one outcome.

O8 Yankees

(i guess ya’ll know who this is, without scrolling up to my name…greetings all yankee fans. may this year we win the last game of MLB)


levelboss’s season predictions..

AL East
NYY (98-64)

ARod – 50-55 HR
Giambi, Matsui – 30+ HR

the Yankees will beat Detroit for the pennant and will go on to win their 27th WS

GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I know that I’m ready to go. It feels like forever since the last time I’ve been able to come home from classes, crack open a cold beer, and watch the game with a few friends.

Lets go Wang! Show these guys why you’ve won the most games over the last 2 years than any other pitcher!



A thought on the redesign. Maybe I’ll get used to it but the poster’s id seems to get buried between posts. I CERTAINLY don’t mind it not being a clickable email address but it could have been made a little bit easier to read? Also discovered that one of the cookies I’d previously blocked was preventing FireFox from completely loading the team page, thus hanging FF in terrific fashion.



I am absolutely green with envy as I presume you are going as I was but with some sad events occurring in ther family had to postpone my trip which was scheduled to commence on 31 Mar 08 Melbourne time. Please enjoy the game for me. Is any one else out there concerned re the quality of pitching put up so far and the number of early runs given up consistantly perhaps it was never the time to be confident as I was. Tell me things will improve. Also does anyone else have problems with MLB and the late introduction of this thing called silverlight. This was supposedly introduced to improve coverage. Well the news there it has not improved in fact I have no game coverage.

Aussie Bryan


Well, it’s less than 17 hours to the “Yankees Opening Game”!!! I can’t wait to see the Yankees take the field tomorrow… they begin their journey to their 27th World Championship, in 2008 !!!

Go Yankees !!!



Well, I also forgot the Braves game tonight.


i just saw the REVISED opening day lineup..

Johnny Damon LF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Jorge Posada C
Hideki Matsui DH
Melky Cabrera CF

basically Robbie moved up from 8th place to 6th – a leftie-leftie thing with Giambi (from Bryan’s article..

Bryan, i thought Melky was suspended for 3 games.. do you know when the mlb is gonna invoke this?


I’m going to wind down to for the night. No more blogging for me. Thanks for the idea. It feels good to relax once in a wile. Not only can I not wait for the season to start but fantasy baseball starts tommorow and I drafted the best team I’ve had in years. Well fantasy started when the Red Sox played but I don’t have any Red Sox or A’s on my team.


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