Greetings from Yankee Stadium

It’s been months since I sat down here in the basement at Yankee Stadium, and it certainly doesn’t seem to have gotten any warmer (but there is a nice new carpet down here!). The building is open for business and the Yankees are filtering into the building for a Sunday workout. Opening Day is really here and, after seven weeks of Spring Training, it’s about time.

The Yankees may or may not take live batting practice on the field this afternoon — it’s pretty cold as of now. The clubhouse will open to reporters at 12:25 p.m. ET and Chien-Ming Wang leads off the interview parade 20 minutes later, to be followed by Joe Girardi, Roy Halladay and John Gibbons. Should be a busy day at the old ballpark.

By the way, the new Yankee Stadium looks absolutely spectacular. I had to be careful not to rear-end the car in front of me checking the place out.


Omg. Haha. Just because I said I feel like I can’t make grammar or spelling mistakes doesn’t mean I still don’t care if I do. But that was really funny.


“.. feel like I’m not allowed to make any grammer or spelling mistakes on this thing anymore..”

you mean ‘grammar’?


Wow, this is a weird web design. It’ll take time getting used to. It’s to fancy, I feel like I’m not allowed to make any grammer or spelling mistakes on this thing anymore.
I agree with the roster Girardi made up…except I’m not so happy with first base but whatever. I’m really excited and I remember like yesterday when the season ended and I cannot believe that It’s almost opening day!!!!


Can’t wait for tomorrow!



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