2/29 – Yankees vs. USF


Consolmagno RF
Lockwood CF
Maruszak SS
Hobbs DH
Manz C
Rey LF
Cleveland 3B
Angelberger 1B
Koscso 2B
Sanford RHP

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Posada C
Cano 2B
S. Duncan DH
Cabrera CF
Chamberlain RHP

First pitch scheduled for 1:15 p.m. here at Legends Field — game one of 31 this spring. Joba Chamberlain starts for the Yankees and will be followed by Ian Kennedy for two innings, then Phil Hughes, Kei Igawa, Jeff Marquez, Alan Horne and Chase Wright.

The Bulls are starting sophomore right-hander Shawn Sanford. It’s great to watch these kids stand, seemingly in awe, watching the Yankees take infield practice. You’d have to imagine it’s going to be quite a thrill for the hitters to see how they fare against some of the best young pitching in the big leagues. Tino Martinez will juggle two caps.

1st inning: The Bulls are making contact, but Chamberlain sets them down 1-2-3. Score it F9, 4-3 and F7. Props to my press box neighbor Pete Caldera, who predicted Shawn Sanford would drill Derek Jeter. The 1-2 heater caught Jeter near the left elbow. Bobby Abreu singled on a hit-and-run and Alex Rodriguez brought the run in on a sacrifice fly to right.

I’m reminded of when Jeter told us last year that "It doesn’t matter – you always want to do well, even if you’re playing a high school team." Guess that applies to college kids as well. Moving on…

2nd inning: There’s the Joba we remember. He Ks Brian "Roy" Hobbs swinging at a high fastball. Easy pop-up to A-Rod and a strikeout (putout 2-3) and Joba’s work is done. Zach Pietrzyk is on to pitch for USF and promptly surrenders a leadoff double to Jorge Posada (though he did snap a nice hook in there for strike one). By the way, it’s pretty close to a full crowd today, and the Yankees pulled out all the stops to open up the yard — marching band, baseline introductions, four parachuters and a flyover. Cano grounds out, Shelley walks and Melky gets the second run in with a sacrifice fly to right. Jeter dribbles a 25-hopper past the shortstop to make it 3-0 Yanks. Abreu walks to load the bases for A-Rod as the USF pitching is getting a bit too fine. A-Rod rips a two-run single to left, Giambi flies out and I’ve got a good feeling about the Yanks’ chances in this one. 5-0 NYY after two.

Ian P. Kennedy sets them down 1-2-3 in the third. No runs for the Yankees in the third off freshman Matt Stull … Mike Consolmagno, leadoff man, opens the fourth with a solid single to center off Kennedy. New York scores four times in the fourth, with the highlight being a two-run triple from Posada, and this one is off to the races. Phil Hughes threw a scoreless fifth, striking out two.


Here’s one for jeterstar,

To The Verse Of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer:

You know Arod and Sheffield And Ruth and Berra DiMaggio and Mantle And Mussina and Clemens But do you recall The most famous player of all?

Jeter the awesome shortstop (shortstop)

Had really lucky clothes

(so very lucky)

And if you ever saw it

(saw it)

You would even say it shows

(like a clover)

All of the other players


Used to laugh and call him names


They never let poor Jeter


Play in any really tough games


Then one merry World Series Torre came to say (Go Go Go) Jeter with your talented skills Won’t you be the captain of fields Then all the players loved him (loved him) And they shouted out with glee (yippee) “Jeter the perfect shortstop (shortstop) You’ll go down in history!” (like the Babe!)


what do the red sox and a hoover vacuum have in common?

they both ****

Did you hear that the Post Office just recalled their latest stamps?

They had pictures of Red Sox players on them …people couldn’t figure out which side to spit on.

Four baseball fans, each from a Major League city, are climbing a mountain. On the way to the top, each is arguing about how loyal they are to their team and what they would do for their team. As the climb progresses, the odds increase. Upon reaching the top, the Mets fan shouts, “this is for the Mets,” and hurls himself off the top. Next, the Braves fan yells, “I love Atlanta,” and throws himself off of the mountain. Suddenly the Yankee fan yells, “this is for EVERYONE,” and pushes the Red Sox fan off.


An oldie, but a goodie:

When Pedro Martinez was born he was so ugly that his mom said, “What a treasure!” and his dada said “I know, lets bury it!”

Q: What’s the difference between a bunch of retards, and the Red Sox?

A: Not much, but people care about retards.

After the Bill Buckner incident, i heard that he tried to kill himself by jumping out into traffic. luckily, the cars went right between his legs.


Bronx Bombers, Bronx Bombers, Bronx Bombers rock
Muderer’s Row swing and Murderer’s Row ring

Swinging and winning up bushels of fun

Now the real tough game has begun

Bronx Bombers, Bronx Bombers, Bronx Bombers rock

Muderer’s Row chime in New York City time

Dancing and prancing in The Bronx Square

In the breezy air.

What a bright time, it’s the right time

To rock the year away

Bronx Bomber time is a swell time

To go gliding in the City Lights

Giddy-up YanKee horse, pick up your feet

Yank around the clock

Mix and a-mingle in the Yankling feet

That’s the Bronx Bombers

That’s the Bronx Bombers

That’s the Bronx Bombers rock.


Why is the Yankees payroll so high?

Because they own the Red Sox!

Why does Boston have a lower population then New York City?

Because every year Bostonians commit suicide after the Yankees finisk fiirst and the red sox dont.

Why do people become Red Sox Fans ?

Because they can’t afford World Series tickets



I think it’s because a lot of people feel that the Tigers offense is more than solid enough to make up for weakness in the Tigers pitching staff. I’m with you about the Tiger pitching staff, Rogers isn’t getting any younger, and isn’t trustworthy. Have to wonder how he is going to hold up over the course of the season. IF the AARP had a baseball league that’s where he should be along with Clemens. The only two pitchers that have a chance of solid success are Verlander, and Bonderman because of their stuff. Willis is a very average pitcher at this time and point as his numbers have gone up over the past few seasons. Expect them to go up more in the AL. The Tiger pen is solid enough, and don’t forget they play in the Central Division, except for Cleveland, it’s not a powerhouse division.

On another note, I realize it’s way too early to worry about him, but is it really a surprise Igawa had the kind of outing he had today. He is going to have to turn it around quick otherwise you can expect to see him back in the minors most likely trade bait as people will wonder if this is the best we can expect from him.

One last thing, I can hardly wait to see Chamberlain in the rotation to start off the season, this guy will dominate as a starter for a long time.



Yankees win 11-4

A good sign…Joba (1-0)

Go Yankees! Number 27 in 2008 !!!





Cardinals 5, NY Mets 4



Thanks for the update…

But, not good news!!!

I know it’s only the first game of the spring, but not a great way for Igawa to start the year. I really think he will pitch well this year [I’m trying to be positive – he was a top pitcher in Japan], but he is not a “reliever”…

At this rate, it looks like Igawa will start the season as part of the starting rotation of (AAA) Scranton Wilkes-Barre.



Moose didn’t look that solid yesterday either

just based on this limited info, i’d set the rotation as






(Joba as setup)


I don’t get why alot of baseball writers are favoring the Tigers, no doubt that they improved their hitting, but other than Verlander, can that rotation be trusted? I mean Kenny Rogers(I hate him), Bonderman…D-Train? D-Train struggled in the NL, pitching in AL is tougher. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.


check again. Igawa pitched the 6th. 9-4 now. 4 runs on 2 hits (grand slam). Nice way to start the year.


Can we trade him already?

This guy S.U.C.K.S


The “Big Three” off to a good start…

Joba – 2 scoreless innings, 2 K’s

Kennedy – 2 scoreless innings, 1 Hit, 2 K’s

Hughes – 1 scoreless inning, 1 K

Bottom of 6th…

Yankees 9, USF 0



Looks like Igawa is finding his ’07 form early this year……


Posada with a double and a triple with 2 rbi’s!

i know it’s only one Spring Training game, but hopefully Jorge’s off to another career year


Regarding Gonzalez…

Checking a little further, Juan, who is 38, has been out of baseball for two years. His last appearance in the Majors was in 2005, when he had only “one” AB with Cleveland…

With 434 lifetime homeruns, I guess he’s looking at 500 HR’s as part of the reason for trying to make a comeback!

Bottom of the 7th…

Cardinals 4, Mets 3




Yeah, Juan Gonzalez is a non-roster invitee on the Cardinals.



Juan Gonzalez? Santana gave up a homer to Juan, I didn’t even know Juan Gonzalez was still alive much less playing.


I got a chance to watch a little of the Dodger and Brave game this afternoon and **** is it strange to see Torre in a Dodger uniform, what a trip.


Santana’s final stats in his first start as a NY Met…

30 pitches / 22 for strikes






Gave up 3-run homerun in first inning to Juan Gonzalez.

In interview after the game, Santana said he felt good, and was going to throw another 50 pitches in the bullpen to get some extra work because of limited time on mound in today’s game.

Bottom of the 5th…

Cardinals 3, Mets 3




Again, you break etiquette and you get plunked, even if you are Jeet.


Johan Santana gave up a 3-run homer in top of 1st vs. St. Louis…

Cardinals 3, Mets 2 – Top of 2nd




Props to my press box neighbor Pete Caldera, who accurately predicted that Shawn Sanford would drill Derek Jeter. The 1-2 fastball got away and hit Jeter near the left elbow.


thx for the link Bryan can you tell, everyone’s just itching for baseball


Congratz, Golf.


WOOOOOOOOOOOO WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Got my tix for the Thursday May 8th game at 1:05 for my Dad, son and me!! Man! Was hoping for something on the prior sunday but do you think, two hours into the tix going on sale I could get three together?????? NO! Now going to have to take son out of school and take a day off. Need to find a good hotel. Want to stay in New Rochelle (where my Dad grew up) and plan to have dinner at Mo’s restaurant. there aren’t a heck of a lot of places to stay in New Rochelle that aren’t $200!! Geez!


My prayers go out to…

Bobby Murcer and his family!

I pray that the cancer Bobby has been battling – has not returned!

We love you, Bobby!

May God Always Bless You !!!




I’ve got the funk. But it’s because I haven’t bathed in a week.


The USF marching band is on the field playing “We got the funk.” They’re pretty good.


Stealing a base with a 5 run lead thinks that bunting in a ex. game is bush league.

A-Rod yelling “ha!” thinks that’s bush.


Wagner had every right to ear-hole that kid. You don’t lay down a bunt in an exhibition game. The purpose of the game is for MLBers to get reps, and college kids to get a chance to play with MLBers. Any a-hole that is out to “advance a runner” in an exhibition game needs to check baseball etiquette and then check himself. There are several unwritten baseball rules that need to be followed. Making a pitcher come off the bump to field a bunt in a exhibition game is worse than breaking up a no hitter with a bunt.


Bryan, is there any way a photog in your beat reporter circle can get pics of Spring Training games? even just one for your blog? or is there some legal no-pic policy?


I can’t wait until baseball season starts. I can’t wait any longer. I wish this was on tv.



Wagner is clearly an ***. Maybe he’s just peeved the game ended 4-4

Let’s go BULLS!!!!!!!! haha


Hopefully, one of the USF kids isn’t dumb enough to lay down a bunt on a Yankee pitcher. Did you guys hear about that kid who laid down a bunt on Billy Wagner? Luckily for him, he fouled it off and grounded out to short. Billy said if he would’ve put that bunt in play, he woulda plunked the next hitter.


Thoughts and prayers to Bobby Murcer. Hopefully, it all works out.

I am really enjoying the fact that Girardi is putting Giambi at 1B. We need him to play 1st to open up the DH position for Matsui. Looks like Ensburg is out to prove that he can contribute. Taken into account that he killed the ball in that intrasquad game. It would sure be nice to have him back to his c. 2005 numbers to face lefties this season. I think he’ll earn that spot. If not, Duncan will and let’s hope he will excel.

It’s time to put the AL on notice:

If we can get even 10% better pitching than last season, you are all screwed. Our lineup is going to KILL opposing pitching. Have fun with all stars at EVERY position.


I also thought Hughes was scheduled to throw today


Bryan, is this game available on gameday audio or mlb.tv??


Girardi said yesterday that Matsui won’t play until the second week of games.


Killa Lineup!

And where the **** is Godzilla???


Big G is starting at 1st over Duncan. Looking at the rest of the lineup, i guess that’s how Giradi plans on working this team.

Which is cool because when Matsui is ready to return, we will have one heck of a lineup.


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