Off into the Tampa afternoon

The Yankees are done for the day, granted a light workout in preparation for the upcoming slate of exhibition games. Fans weren’t allowed in to watch batting practice today but Yogi Berra was, standing near the cage in a satin jacket and a BP cap.

One scene from BP: Alex Rodriguez, Tino Martinez and Reggie Jackson posed for a photo. After, A-Rod said loudly, "We’ve got nine world championships in that picture. We need 10." Tino and Reggie didn’t put up much of an argument.

Joe Girardi and the Yankees’ coaches have a golf tournament today set up for bragging rights. Tomorrow’s lineup: Damon LF, Jeter SS, Abreu RF, Rodriguez 3B, Giambi 1B, Posada C, Cano 2B, S. Duncan DH, Cabrera CF, Chamberlain RHP. The regulars will play about four or five innings.


The excitement is starting to reach epic level!

I fully expect Girardi to use Joba as a Starter. Heck he’s slated to begin the game tomorrow. Even at the limit of two innings, why would Joe have him slated to start if they weren’t intending him to be in that role?

Wang, Pettitte, Hughes, Chamberlain, Kennedy or Mussina and the one left out is your 6th/spot starter.

The order maybe adjusted but it would seem this is our best rotation going in, perhaps it will change by the time ST is done but I doubt it.

That lineup should be quite potent. I like seeing the potency of Melky at 9th, couldn’t ask for a much better 9th.

I think realistically the BP positions are the only slots to be up for grabs from our pitchers. Not too confident in Karstens or any of the others at this point, over a Kennedy or Moose. Performances will dictate so who knows but to this point I would expect to see those 6 in the rotation.

Go Yankees!!


Who said Chamberlain isn’t going to be a part of the rotation? He will start the season in the rotation as he is too talented to be a setup man. The Yanks will most likely start him early in the season just to see if he can handle being a starter, it’s far more smarter than starting Chamberlain in the pen, and then wait until late in the season when the games count a lot more than the early season games only to find out that he can’t handle being a starting pitcher.


Maybe it’s just me but why is Kennedy making our starting rotation and not Joba? Nothing about Kennedy impressed me last year in the majors and I just don’t see him as a number 5 on a Yankees team. Granted we need the bullpen help but I think we have enough guys to fight for the bullpen than we do for the rotation. I see Kennedy as a 10-12 pitcher with a high 4 era. Hopefully I’m wrong.


Tomorrow’s lineup will probably be the same lineup the Yankees will use in their opening day regular season game vs. the Blue Jays on March 31st [with the only exceptions being – Matsui at DH, and Wang as the opening day starter]…

And, again, I will state, I hope Joba will be in the starting rotation the whole year…I really do not think it is a good idea to “exile” him to the bullpen. Once Joba is in the pen, it will be very difficult to move him back into the starting rotation!

Limit the innings of the “Big Three” [Joba, Hughes, Kennedy], if that’s the plan. But, keep all three young pitchers in the starting rotation – all year long! Just stretch their starts out, and let them pitch 6-7 innings per game…

I think, Joba Chamberlain is much more important to the Yankees as a “Starter” than as a “Reliever” !!!

It’s great to have live baseball action back again!

Go Yankees !!!



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