Goose vs. Gator, Intrasquad Game – 2/27/08

Goose (away, gray pants)
Cabrera CF
Jeter SS
Cano 2B
Posada C
Duncan 1B
Ensberg DH
Betemit 3B
Lane LF
Tabata RF
Karstens RHP

Gator (home, pinstripe pants)

Damon LF
Molina C
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Ransom DH
Green 2B
Woodward SS
Gardner CF
Mussina RHP

Mussina’s first pitch (1:02 p.m., 54 degrees) was fouled off to the left side by Melky Cabrera, who struck out looking on three pitches. Derek Jeter greeted Moose with a sharp single to right. Robinson Cano singled a bouncing ball up the middle and Jeter moved to third on an error by Brett Gardner. Jorge Posada grounded out up the first base line, tagged out by Mussina as Jeter scored. Shelley Duncan flied out to left, ending the inning.

Johnny Damon grounds out to first base unassisted. Jose Molina flies out to right-center on a running grab by Jose Tabata, and Bobby Abreu pops up to second base. At the end of one inning of play, Goose 1, Gator 0.

Morgan Ensberg opens the second by bouncing an 0-2 curveball up the middle for a leadoff single. Wilson Betemit walks on a 3-2 pitch, putting runners at 1st and 2nd with none out. Jason Lane, first pitch swinging, flies out to right – no advance. Jose Tabata hits a chopper to short that appeared to  be a double play ball but it hit a rock in the infield, shooting over Woodward’s head for a RBI single. Goose 2, Gator 0. Melky Cabrera hits into a 4-6-3 double play to end the inning.

Leading off the bottom of the second inning against Jeff Karstens, Alex Rodriguez pops up to first base. Jason Giambi flies out to medium center field. Cody Ransom singles sharply to left. Nick Green lines out to second.

Darrell Rasner relieves Mike Mussina (30 pitches, 23 strikes) after two innings. Rasner strikes out Jeter swinging and Cano strikes out looking. Left fielder Justin Christian boots a Jorge Posada fly ball for an error. Chris Woodward throws away a Shelley Duncan grounder; first and third, two out. Ensberg flies out to center, ending the inning.

The very tall Scott Patterson relieves Jeff Karstens (20 pitches, 13 strikes). Woodward singles to center. Gardner bounces into a fielder’s choice, putout at second. Christian hits a line drive off Patterson’s foot which bounces right to shortstop for a 1-6-3 double play. Patterson walked off the field slowly — end of 3, Goose 2, Gator 0.

Dan McCutchen relieves Rasner. Betemit grounds out to second. Jason Lane walks. Tabata rips a 2-0 fastball to left for a single. Austin Jackson strikes out swinging. Alberto Gonzalez reaches on an error, 3-0 Goose.

Sorry folks, gotta jet. The clubhouse is open.


This is great. I love it when Yankee fans come together.


so who won….???


thx Bryan for the live blog! the very first Yankees game (intrasquad or not) of 2008!


Haha I’m in bio class right now, and all I can think about is the game going on…eh, who needs to know about the respiratory system anyway?

Thanks for the live blogging Bryan. I really wish I could be watching guys like McCutchen, Tabata, Jackson, etc.



Great stuff with the play by play Bryan! Its great to be able to sit in class but really pay attention to the more important things in life like baseball! Thanks!

P.S. I agree with jlemoine, we already have too many cooks in this kitchen, adding Piazza would just create more madness.


I hear ya Justin, it was just a thought.


Signing Piazza doesn’t make sense. He’s more of a DH now, and we already have a logjam there. Offense isn’t our problem.


And I heard Jeet’s been practicing on improving his lateral movements on the field, it is a fact that he is weak on the left side. Maybe that Penn State study caused him to pay more attention to his defense.


I hear Mike Piazza is available, Molina is still Jorge’s backup right? But maybe Mike could be a good addition.


Very nice. Maybe Ensberg can keep it up! If he could return to form, we’ll be in good shape.


Live blogging on the original post … at least, until the reporters have to head downstairs to talk to Mussina.


They’re bringing him along slowly. It’s a cold day here (55 degrees – sweater weather) and he’s coming off knee surgery. Just my guess.


i noticed no Matsui either.. Bryan, where’s Hideki?


haha nice choice of Mussina’s K
****** – really wish I could watch this too, would be interesting to see some of these Yanks playing against each other

I mean you’re probably never again going to see Mussina pitching to Tabata


Finally some real baseball! I wish I could watch the game…


no one else realizes no hideki in the lineups?


Karstens will k Molina and Green


GREAT! We’re one step closer to real baseball, the only thing missing is… real baseball. Intrasquad game aren’t aired nationally😦 .

A Prediction

Karstens and Mussina will showcase some good innings ( Moose: 2 IP, 1 K ( A-Rod ), 1 H, No ER.

Karstens: 2 IP, 1-2 K, 2 H, No ER.



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