Finally, some real live baseball

No more watching batting practice closely and celebrating Jason Giambi for going opposite field with a few hit-me fastballs. Today, the Yankees are ready to hit, pitch, run, throw and field. What’s that called again? Oh, right, baseball.

I think I can speak for everybody involved when I say, we’re all ready for it. The Yankees will start a seven-inning intrasquad game this afternoon at 1 p.m. ET here at Legends Field.
Mike Mussina and Jeff Karstens are the scheduled starters for the split teams.

Other pitchers on Team 1 are Darrell Rasner, Dan McCutchen, Sean Henn, Jonathan Albaladejo and Mark Melancon. Additional pitchers on Team 2 are Scott Patterson, Steven Jackson, Billy Traber, Edwar Ramirez and Ross Ohlendorf.

Last night we had a little getting-to-know-you dinner with Joe Girardi over at Fleming’s Steakhouse. The people there treated us great and it’s been a while since I had a good New York strip steak. Girardi really enjoys talking about his family and told us a few nice stories.

He also revealed that he thinks Seinfeld is one of the best shows on TV (agree completely), and that he has never seen any of the Star Wars movies. I caught some flack in the press box earlier in the week for that, so it was good to have some backup from the skipper.


o and the phrase…”May the force be with you”



I also have not seen any of the Star War movies…and the only character I know is Skywalker….and the guy with the funny mask…


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