Congratulations to the New York Giants

Sb42Congratulations are in order for the New York Football Giants, who pulled off an absolutely stunning 17-14 upset of the New England Patriots in one of the best Super Bowls we can remember.

Watching Eli Manning drive Big Blue up the field in Glendale under those extreme circumstances was nothing short of thrilling, and the Giants’ defense saw to it that Tom Brady was introduced – and reintroduced – to the turf early and often.

There’s nothing like an underdog story to rally your spirits, and it doesn’t get any more lopsided than going up against the 18-0 Patriots. For Manning, an MVP award he truly deserves … that David Tyree play is going to live on in NFL highlights forever. Might as well clear a spot for a special feature on the Super Bowl DVD for it right now.

And for you, Giants fans — you earned this one. Enjoy it and savor it.

Now, let’s get on to baseball.



Don’t confuse my feelings for a die hard Red Sox fan who has been with the team through thin and flush and my feelings for a Red Sox fan who suddenly started liking the team in 2004. The former, I respect as an adversary and fan of the game. The latter is a tremendously huge d-bag.

Think what you want about the Yankee fans on this blog. What I know is that we are probably overly critical of our team. Can you say the same?


Yankee Pride and Tradition, and New York Pride…

I think Idcjasper is confusing “arrogant” and “brash” for being “Confident” and “Having Pride” in the New York Yankees, and the great Yankee Tradition of the past, present, and continuing well into the future !!!

As Yankee fans, we expect the Yankees to win the World Series every year! This is the standard set by our great owner, George Steinbrenner, from the first day of his ownership of the Yankees… [this same standard of winning the World Series every year is also the goal of his sons, Hank and Hal, who are now running the team]…

Why should Yankee fans expect anything less than what the Owners [the Steinbrenner family] expect each year ???

The Yankee Season really starts in October! Winning the 11 of the 19 post season games [of course, winning game 11, the final game of the World Series – is the most important] is what makes a Yankee season successful!!!

Yankee fans here in New York [and, Yankee fans all around the Country and the World] are proud of the fact we have won 26 World Championships !!!

That’s why going into the 2008 Baseball Season, we are happy to express our Yankee Pride to all, and let everyone know that we expect the Yankees to win it all this year, and will lift the 2008 World Series Trophy high into the sky – proclaiming to all the World, that the Yankees have won their 27th World Championship !!!


Go Yankees! Number 27 in 2008 !!!


I don’t consider myself or any of the regular posters on this blog “arrogant or brash”.

Actually Idcjasper, that is exactly how you came off in your post. I don’t harass Red Sox fans on their blogs, and I would expect the same from them. If you’re not going to add anything intelligent to the discussion, then kindly leave, or I will kindly find you, and while you as sleeping, I will paint pinstripes on your face.


I think what Chaz is getting at is the bandwagon fan which is found more currently in New England because of the recent success of the Red Sox. I’m a New England Yankee fan and I go to school in Vermont and I’ve seen it on both ends, when the Yankees won and when the Sox won. The consistent writers on this blog are anything but arrogant and brash, saying you’re going to win the World Series is not arrogant, a fan as well as a player should expect to go into the season with that goal, if you don’t than you’re not a true fan or player. If you go to a Sox site they’re talking about an ’08 WS title as well, are they any more or less qualified to say that, I don’t think so. The usual bloggers on this site have been critical of the Yankees as well as confidant and that makes the intelligent fan. You can have your opinions but maybe you should go back and reread some posts ldc regarding the Santana trade, Hank and Hal etc. there have been fair criticisms as well as confidence in our team this year.


26 ws titles allows you to be arrogant and brash so i guess 2 in the last 5 years doesnt. i understand. not used to it, but get used to it


by the way congrats to all the giants fans.


so chaz new england fans are the worst, thats funny coming from a new york yankee fan. can’t imagine someone like you saying anything else. how about this chaz, dont blog for one day and sit back and read this site and then tell me about arrogant and brash.


Great job Giants!

Now on to Spring Training can’t wait to see my Yankees in TAMPA!


Hey, chaz!

Yeah, I agree!

I did see the projected Yankee starting lineup you talked about, and was also surprised to not see Matsui in it…

The best Yankee lineup is with…

Giambi playing as a regular at First Base [100-120 games], and the rest at DH…

Damon in Left most of the year…

Matsui at DH most of the year…

Hopefully, all three wil stay healthy throughout the season!

As far as the role Duncan will play this year, I think he will mostly be just a back-up at First, and in RF…Most of his playing time will be as the DH.

Take care, chaz!


Only 10 days until Spring Training starts!



Giants win, and the Old-Timers get to pop ’em champaigne corks once again as they remain the best team in NFL history!!!!! What a play be Eli, and what a catch by Tyree. Eli really showed a lot in this game.Even though I’m a Phins fan, I’ve just become a huge fan of Eli rather than Peyton, sorry jeterstar!! For all the Patsy fans, your team had a great season, but it means nothing, so Isay to all of you, HA! HA! HA!


Oh my God, my throat is so sore from screaming my head off last night, that was one of the best football games I have ever seen, and to see Tom Brady get popped over and over was pure perfection. I would love to be at the parade in NYC! Now its the Yankees turn!


That super bowl game was amazing! I can’t get the image of Eli running away from the D-men of the Patriots out of my head!! Manning’s are amazing. It was incredible. And the parade is tomorrow! My entire block was crazy. God I miss that. The last sports victory we’ve had was like 8 years ago, the Yankees World Series. This is good. I mean Boston can’t have everything. And cheaters just don’t win. I can’t get over Eli. I mean what a game, gosh if the Yankees were all clutch like that. World series 08!


Congratulations to the Big Blue! It was the most amazing Super Bowl I have ever seen!

And now its the Yankees turn to bring home the championship for 08!


Chaz, Thanks I thought he was a RHP. Are you the only one with something to say? 5 of last 6 are yours. I thoroughly enjoy your comments and those of the others. I am just an amateur compared to most of you. I am a fan but you fellows really get into this, Some GMs Some mgrs. I receive more info from you than I could get from a newspaper. you all appear to be very knowledgeble when it come to our Yankees. I don’t think that I implied Damon was a Better hitter, what I meant to say is he had more speed both defensively & offensively to make a difference. We still need to set the table for the big bats to drive in. We can’t always rely on the long ball, even if we are the “Bronx Bombers” A title given to the Yankees in the ’40s, I remember them well.


I’m just glad football season is over. All i need now is the NBA disbanded, the NHL back to Canada, and MLB on my TV for the rest of the year! Go YANKEES!!!!


Go Giants!

What a game…I watched the whole thing at my fraternity house with 4 fellow Giants fans, and roughly 40 Patriots fans. I was taking **** the whole game, and I don’t think I have ever celebrated so hard for a sports win. Yes, not even the Yankees world series victories (I was too young to celebrate that hard).

Lets just say my night involved large amounts of “cold ones” and I didn’t get to bed until 5:30 AM…What a great game. For all the times I’ve heard “Eli’s a b*tch”…well he just out played Tom Brady.



NOTHING will make up for that 3-0 meltdown of 2004. That is a black stain on the Yankees’ legacy that won’t be erased until we crush them in an ALCS in humiliating fashion.


The nice thing about being a 1B is that you RARELY if ever have to make throws. You have to make throws when turning a double play, or when taking the cutoff to home from right field and center. Generally, if you have to throw across the diamond to 3rd, it’s on a force play and you probably won’t get the runner anyway. It’s safer to throw 2 and turn a pair that way.


CC Sabathia is a southpaw, fjr.

I want Damon in left and Matsui at DH. I agree that Damon is the better choice for left, but his speed does not make him a better hitter than Matsui. We don’t rely on base stealing to score runs. We rely on BOMBS! Go Yankees!


Chaz, Godzilla is the better hitter and will get the RBIs, But Damon has the speed and can cover more ground and a good leadoff man. I agree Giambi rather than Duncan should be at 1B. Jason is not the best fielder at 1B but his biggest problem is his arm, he has more errors on his throws.
Two of the best LH pitchers Santana & Bedard are gone, We could have used either, CC will be available but he’s a RHP,and w/Andy probably gone for ’09. We need a good LHP to help complete our staff.




Go Giants

Great game!!!! getting Giants going- good game, great gameplays, greater good given, granting giants; getting gift going going gone.

given gayriots guaranteed greatness got grumpy, giving goofy go-go-giselle’s guy gameover. God gives great glory, giving & granting giant gatekeepers great game.

gee,, guess giants got guts, getting game-going guessing gameover given granted

go giants..


And HA HA to all those clowns who pre-ordered the 19-0 book. Bur baseball news looks like Badard is going to Seattle, interesting.


hi yall,

yes i guess i have been MIA, but i am back,,,,and yes NYY are starting stronger than ever this year.

the first thing my buddy said with .01 seconds left was that now the NYY WILL win too.

Yes we will this year.


Congrats to the G-Men on a fantastic victory.

I’ve said it before, the worst “fans” at a bar are dudes that like New England teams. Loud, brash, arrogant, bandwagoning a-holes. This is a fantastic way to kick off the new year! I hope The Hoody and his little team like how that tastes. I hope all the chowds in Beantown like the taste even more!

On to matters that are FAR more important….

Has anyone else seen the “projected” lineup? Where is Godzilla? Please, anyone, show me how Duncan at first, Damon in left, and Giambi at DH makes more sense than Giambi at first, Damon in left, and Matsui as DH.

Duncan is coming off a serious injury, in his BRIEF MLB career he has proved that he has pop in his bat, but is woefully inconsistant. He’s a gigantic TOOL.

Damon is faster than Matsui, but THAT IS IT. In every other facet of the game, Matsui is the better man. Higher average, more power, hits in the clutch, what more do you need?

Giambi has pop in his bat, and when he is healthy, he is freaking dangerous. He may not be what he was when he was roiding out of his mind, and winning MVP awards, but he is more than capable of belting 30-40 dingers while batting .260. His prowess with the bat far exceeds the liability he is in the field. BTW, he’s not that bad defensively. In 121 innings at the position last season, he only committed 1 error. Why is everyone so afraid of him playing defense? Are we afraid he’s going to get injured? Frankly, if he does, we have 458 more first baseman to fill the hole.

We are killing a signifigant portion of our run production by taking Matsui’s bat out of the lineup. Duncan over Matsui? Who made that lineup projection? Duncan’s fielding percentage at first would only be marginally better than Giambi’s AT BEST. We are pulling Matusi’s 100 RBI’s out of the lineup for 4/100ths of a percentage point of FP?

Here’s how I see it:

Duncan – .240-.250 average, 15-20 HR’s (I’m being kind), and 50-70 RBI’s (again being very optimistic), a .994 FP

Matsui – .280-.310 average, 20-30 dingers, 100-110 rbi’s.

Giambi – .250-.270 average, 30-40 dingers, 90-100 rbi’s, and a .989 FP.

Are we the “Bronx Defenders” or are we the “Bronx Bombers”?

If Duncan is the opening day first baseman, and Matsui is riding the pine, I am going to be PISSED.


The true team won on the field, the Patriots cheated this season and deservingly did not win the Super Bowl. Beli-Cheat walked off the field because he has no class. Funny how with all this cheating talk the day before the game, and talk that the Pats sis it over and over and continued to do so they seemed to be human and didn’t have a step advantage. It’s a lot tougher when you don’t know exactly what play is coming at you every down. Justice was served and the Cheatriots can go home with their 18-1 record and say to everybody they are the best team in NFL history if that’ll make them feel better, but the parade is coming to NY the Lombardi Trophy was held high by Strehan and Eli and now the Yankees begin their quest for that elusive 27th Championship extending their reign as the most successful sports franchise in the history of sport. GO NEW YORK YANKEES and CONGRATS GEEEEEEEE-MEN!



This has to go down not only as the best super bowl of all time but the best game and best cinderella story of all time. Especially that play where Eli avoids the sack and throws it to David Tyree. What a reception. THE IMMACULATE RECEPTION II. Not only that, but to beat the 18-0 Boston patriots. What are the chances that the first game they would lose would be the most important one of all.

Also, the whole city of Boston is probably mourning over that huge upset, especially done by a NEW YORK team. Now they have a reason to hate us even more. WOW, I still cannot believe it. That last drive was by far the best winning drive I have ever seen in my life.

What a cinderella season:

1)To beat an 18-0 team; a flawless team with a roster full of prowbowlers, offensive weapons, HOF quarterback, a mastermind coach. whatever you want to call them.

2) To beat a team that have never lost in the superbowl and have an amazing playoff record.

3) To get revenge on the Redsox. That game should make up for the come back of 0-3 deficiet by the redsox in 2004.

4) A team that had no probowlers (Only Osi Umenyora). Not even ELI or Plaxico.

5) A team coming as 14 pts. Underdogs and suffering from injuries.

6) A team that no one, other than the giants fans, gave them a chance to win. Not even one playoff game.

7) All the criticisms surrounding Eli, that he can’t win the big game. Criticized by his former teamate, other players, the media, and his own fans as well.

8)The conflict surrounding Tom Coughlin and his team. The talk about him getting fired.

9)The start of a season 0-2.

10)The fact that the last two losses the patriots had were from the mannings.

11)The revenge on the cowboys. Revenge on the packers. And finally Revenge on the Team to beat, the BOSTON PATRIOTS.

12) To beat the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, 3 Times Superbowl champions.


Thank you patriots for the momentum you gave us in game 16. That game may have just made Eli Manning one of the Elite Quarterbacks in the League.



What a team win!

And how sweet it is that it’s a NY team that thwarted the “Boston” team’s perfect season bid. Not to mention the complete media’s ‘expert analysis’ all leaning the Pats’ way.

The gameplan was good, the offense was good enough and the defense was spectactular!

Nice for me to see Tuck have such a good game since I’m a Domer fan.

I have a soft spot for Moss and would like to see him finally win but maybe next year😉.

Belichick didn’t seem too classy leaving the field before the game was officially over but ahh well that’s for them to deal with.

Congrats to the G-Men and their fans!

Now it’s our turn *hopefully we’re not the wildcard though*…😉 Can’t wait for Spring Training!!!


Oh how Sweet…Not only does an underdog NY team grab the prize, they do it by crushing a (cough,cough undefeated) NEW ENGLAND team. Way to go Giants!!!


Super Win by The Giants !!!

Do I believe in miracles???

Yes I do !!!

Congratulations “Big Blue” !!!

Now it’s time for Baseball!!!

Think Spring! Only 10 days until the start of Spring Training!

Go Yankees! Number 27 in 2008!



GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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