Posada: Bring on Johan

Jorge Posada has never been one to mince words, so it wasn’t completely surprising to hear him campaign for the Yankees to pick up an ace-type pitcher this offseason. Posada said he could see a rotation that includes both Johan Santana and Andy Pettitte as two of the left-handers, even though that’s a long way off from happening.

“Let’s say Andy comes back – having Johan Santana, those two lefties in the rotation, I think it’s just a really strong starting lineup,” Posada said.

He’s right, of course. But how to make it happen? Posada said he sees great things ahead for all three of the young pitchers in the rotation – Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy – though the Yankees’ need for a No. 1 pitcher has become apparent, especially in October, when Chien-Ming Wang showed himself to be more suited toward being a No. 2.

“It is a need in October, no question about it,” Posada said. “When you look at the past World Series champions, they were able to have a No. 1 throw in at least two of the games to win the title.”

Posada said that he has tried to call Pettitte about once a week, and though he doesn’t expect a decision until mid-January, Posada believes Pettitte to be leaning toward retirement.

“He’s got a tough decision to make,” Posada said. “He says if he doesn’t play with the Yankees, he’s not going to play at all. Right now, he’s leaning toward retirement. It’s tough that he’s thinking this way, but we’re going to try to push him and get that competitive edge he needs still. Hopefully when it comes February, we’ll see him around.”



Some of the guys you listed in your last post showed they can’t pitch at the major league level yet, in fact they were part of the garbage that was in the pen last season. Ramirez will wind in the minors most of next season trying to find a pitch that will go with his change, Beam, and Karstens aren’t much. Patterson has spent most of his career in the independent league. Veras, and Ohlendorf need more opportunity to show what they can do. Sanchez is without a doubt the best pitcher of the bunch. In short Riske, and Affeldt are probably better than those guys, at least we know what we’re getting.


bullpen is the word that was censored.


As for the ‘pen, u really need to take the same approach you would with our Big Three. You don’t know for certain that they will pich like K-Rod or Ptz, but when these stars came up, I’m sure they talked about just as we are talking about Veras and Ohlendorf. They are unproven, but if you don’t give them a chance, than what’s the point of them being here? It’s true, we need a couple vets, to maturize our youth in the ‘pen, but I would seriously rather rely more on our young arms say then a guy who is 30-something. We’re all just going to have to put our foots in our mouths, because as of now, our ***** what it is, full of youth and unproven, but give it a chance will ya?


Janie, ur right, we have created last years team, but would u want it any other way? I mean, who else would u RATHER have than ARod at 3rd, and Mo closing in the pen, not to mention, JPo behind the plate. We got our franchise players back, which is very important. Now, I’m thinking you said that because of the failure we had last year. Beleive me, it wasn’t offense’s fault, it was our pitching. We had injuries left and right, and depended on rookies for months. I’m surprised we made it as far as we did, more surprised that guys were complaining we didn’t “win it all”, chh, we were left for dead back in May. Compared to last yrs rotation, we have a better one this year, and yes, as bogus as it may sound, the Yankees really must think that the guys down in our minor league CAN pitch like K-Rod and Putz, because they haven’t signed anyone, and they already mentioned filling the holes from within. They just spent $350 million on signing Abreu, A-Rod, Posada and Mo, how much money can we expect these guys to dish out? ( Besides the possibility of spending another 150 Mil for Johan, which in my opinion isn’t going to happen, Minn is going to keep him.)

07 Rotation

1. Wang

2. Pavano

3. Pettite

4. Mussina

5. Igawa

You can say that 90 percent of that rotation is gone and wil never be back.

Compared to our 08 rotation

of Wang, Mussina, Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, things seem ALOT brighter, so hoooooooold ur horses there Sally, sit back and take a look at the landscape, the skies are much clearer.


Signing a reliever for the sake of signing a reliever is jsut retarded. Linebrink is NOT worth that money, he was greatly successful in San Diego’s PITCHERS park, and was a normal reliever in Milwaukee. A NATIONAL LEAGUE arm. We’d be crying about him like every other NL arm we’ve signed/traded for the past few years – Farnsworth, Pavano, Wright, Johnson, Brown, Vazquez, etc…see how they panned out? Same deal with Cordero – was mediocre with Texas, and lit up the NATIONAL league with Milwaukee – he’d be like Gagne was for Boston. PLUS, those 2 would BOTH cost a 1st Round pick, and I would rather have the 1st round picks – the Yanks done quite well selecting promising players in the past few drafts. Sure beats having some mid-30’s relievers.
I laugh at any Pervical thought. He ‘retired’ for a reason 2 years ago, I doubt he lasts this whole 2008 season.

Riske would’ve been intriguing, but why shell out multi-million dollar/year deals to guys that really aren’t any better than what the Yanks currently possess? I’m more up on Veras, Ohlendorf, Edwar Ramirez, Humberto Sanchez, Scott Patterson, Beam, Karstens, Rasner, etc.. than I am on Riske. Not worth the millions in my opinion.

I would look for a lefty guy, but I also wouldn’t want to throw too much money at one, that seems to jinx any reliever – Mahay is decent, and although 36, he was an OF for most of the 90’s (saw him in Trenton years back) and converted to a pitcher later, so a very young 36. But is he really worth the 2nd Round pick (?) and the millions of dollars? Same with Affeldt – his age is nice, but his peripherals stink. We’ll be booing him in no time…

By the way, my bold prediction for 2008 – Humberto Sanchez will be the 2008 Joba.


Just thinking out loud. I think that the Dodgers are coming to play in the Santana game. That us say they walk away with him. Yankees get Haren by trading a few from triple a and Melky and then we sign Rowland or even Andruw Jones. We all know Mr. Jones is capable of playing great. So he had one bad year. Put him in our line up and give him a little protection. WOW. People I think the Redsox are blowing smoke. I do not really think they want to give up that much.


I’m thinking, right now, our bullpen is our weakest link, but maybe we can fill from within. Firstly, signing free agent pitching has never exactly been Cash’s stength, both starters and relievers.

Secondly, the team may have some fantastic arms we don’t know about, yet. Who can honestly say this time last year you thought come September the guy protecting our leads before we hear Enter Sandman would be some kid out of class A named Joba?

I know Joba II would be far to much to ask but we may have some very solid relievers or converted starters on the way up.

Thirdly, maybe, just maybe Farnsy will become the pitcher we thought we signed. I know this is a huge long shot(and this is an understatement), but I’ve seen stranger things in baseball.

These are just my opinions. Half of you prob think I’m a total idiot, and I understand why, but if relievers on the market try to get us to overpay coz we’re the Yanks I say lets give these rebuilding from within thing a shot.


Well…it looks like we added all of the players we already have and missed the boat on other HUGE problems. ESPN reports that Riske is signing with the Brewers, Percival to Rays. And Cordero and Linebrink are out. This *****! Supposedly, the bullpen will be filled from within. Fun.


Here’s a thought, Cash:

Why don’t you trade Phil Hughes for John Smoltz, Joba Chamberlain for Jamie Moyer, and Ian Kennedy for Tom Glavine! Then re-sign Clemens to a (pro-rated of course) 756,000,000,000 dollar deal!

Then, get REAL smart and deal Robbie Cano for Mark Grudzielanek, and Melky Cabrera for Ken Griffey Jr! After, you can just walk over to the new Stadium that’s going up, kill all the construction workers, and take a gas can and a lit match to the jobsite!


sorry for the typos – trying to type too fast


This whole last week has been ridiculously frustrating. They made such a bog about resigning Mo and Jorge and A-Rod (which were all good – I’m not complaining). But basically, all that’s been done is to RECREATE LAST YEAR’S TEAM. Hello?!?!?

Obviously that didn’t work last year – some changes need to be made! All these chances keep passing by….there’s virtually no one left worth picking up! Are they seriously believing that Farnsworthless is going to have a “break-out year”??? Or that guys like Veras and Ohlendorf are going to suddenly come in pitching like K-Rod or Putz? Not happening!!!

Santana would be a huge boost – but seriously, Santana won’t make a bit of a difference when all his games are blown open in the 8th inning because the bullpen has walked home 3 guys in a row!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Cashman’s recent silence means something BIG is in the works. He’d best end the winter meetings with a REAL starting pitcher (not someone old and out of shape like B. Colon) and a could legit relief arms! GRRRRRR.


I wonder if Cashman is going to be Brian Cashman and panic. He’ll see the Sox get Santana, and trade every blue-chipper we have for a few old, fat, injury factories on the wrong side of 35. I’ve been freaked out about this all off-season. I really hope that I am NOT right.


What is Cashman doing? If he’s going after 86 year old infielders, and not chasing help for our utterly laughable bullpen, he needs to be beaten within an inch of his life! What the **** is going on?

Hey Cashman, stop pulling on your tallywhacker and get some help in the freaking bullpen! Linebrink is gone, Percival is gone, seems like Riske is on his way out. Who gives a **** about getting a starting pitcher when we already have a rotation that can win? You could have Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, Johan Santana, and Cy Young himself in the rotation and lose all year without a **** bullpen. Is he asleep? Is he wiping drool from the boss’ mouth? SIGN SOMEONE, CASH!

If there is ANY shred of truth to that deal for Johan to Boston, The Red Sox freaking STOLE him. So, there is no sense crying over spilled milk. Just get some pitchers we can count on in the middle to late innings to get the ball to The Sandman, and let’s play some F’ing baseball! We’ve pounded Johan before, and we can do it again. Old, Fat Schilling has been our B_I_T_C_H for the last 2 seasons. Dice-K is Hideo Nomo v2.0. Wakefield was lit up like a Christmas Tree all last year. Beckett is the only viable “Yankee Killer” they have in that rotation. So, let’s get the kids in the gym, Tell one Andrew Pettite to **** or get off the pot, sign some **** people to come out of the pen, strap it on and GO TO WAR!!!!!!!!


Apparently the Yanks are close to a deal with Mark Lorretta??? Does that mean Cano is out or would be simply be a back-up infielder???


What a disaster! Is Cashman on vacation??


Who’s to say Haren is going to be any more successful than Pavano? Haren’s numbers aren’t exactly spectacular save for last season (a la Pavano before we got him). I guess as long as he can put in more than 5 starts he’s an upgrade??
Without Santana and Pettitte our season next year will not look good. To expect all three rookies to perform as we’d need them to to be successful is WAY more than a stretch. Couple that with Moose who will need time off and we’re not in a good position. At the same time, I don’t see dumping two of the hottest pitching prospects in the league for Santana is worth it and the fact is, if that is what the Twins are looking for, how could they be happy with Lester and Crisp in a deal?


From what I’m reading cash money; better be right about our BIG trifecta.

Fonzogg, Yanks4ever.


Epstein stole our thunder. Son of a b_i_t_c_h. I guess our worst nightmare is about to come true. f te Twins are really that enticed, it’s all up to Johan. This thing ciuld be done by the end of this week. Beckett-Santana-Matsuzaka-Wakefield-Schilling.That makes me nauzious. Compared to the Yankees’ Wang, Mussina, Hughes, Chamberlain, Kennedy. Not so bad, and we’d stil have Melky in center. Hey, let’s focus on the pen now Cashman, let Red Sox reap their reward, they can stuff it up their pieholes. Anybody up for Nathan trade? Latroy Hawkins, Jeremy Affeldt, anyone?


Hughes has been untouchable for years. I hope it stays that way.


My prior post was:

Got to think the Twins would rather have Melky in CF over Crisp. Kennedy is just as attractive as Lester. Gonzales is close to Lowrie, maybe better on defense, but lesser on offense. And we certainly have arms on the farm to match or exceed Masterson.

We may pick up a chip for some of the excess pitching. Plus some single A prospects that the Twins may have their eye on and Santana could come to NY.


The deal reported out of Minnesota is:

Santana for




and Masterson


Phooooeey. Guys, despite what garbage rumors these reporters r throwing out there, I doubt Cash-Money is going to include Cano in a deal, Wasn’t he untouchable earlier today? These are guys just trying to earn their buck, so sit tight and worry not. As for Santana going to the Sox, there are two different stories out. One story is that Twinkies are going to trade him away for Lester and Crisp plus some minor league prospects. The other story states that the Twins may end up keeping Santana unless there is a team who will offer TWO ml-ready pitchers, both young, high ceiling. Yep, that would mean Kennedy and Hughes,***** my trumpet Bill Smith. One is enough, now he wants two. Just keep him, we’ll be ready to throw 9 figures at him in 08’09 FA period.


look at the latest update..

“Meanwhile Cafardo indicates that the Yankees may part with Robinson Cano after all.”




What the **** are they waiting for? I cannot believe the yanks have not acquired anyone yet. Especially BULLPEN.


While all that is going on the Yanks continue to sit on the sidelines watching instead of going after bullpen help.IF that deal between the Twinnies, and Suks is true, then Boston got the steal of the century.


Also, a paper in Boston is reporting that the Yanks are having discussions with the Twins “centered around Cabrera and Cano”.

If Boston is just trying to raise the ante, it’s working if this is true.


Maybe Boston’s just trying to raise the stakes for NY? (One can always hope….)

Also, Percival’s gone to the Rays, Riske’s on the brink of a deal with the Brewers. The relief market is shrinking by the day…..


Seen that, nyy. Actually 2 minor leaguers (other a pitcher) I think the Twins would be nuts to do the deal and not get either Buchholz or Ellsbury (both declared untouchable by Boston) but that’s their decision.

It’s like what happened with Arizona and Schilling a few years ago. Hold the Yanks up for God-knows-what, but accept something far less from someone else. What can you do?


Bad news – The local Minneapolis ABC affiliate is reporting that the Twins and Red Sox are working on a framework for a deal for trading Santana for Coco Crisp, Jon Lester and a minor league shortstop.

More to come, I’m sure.


No I don’t think that Petite will come back. I’d like to think Petite will come back though. But the season is NOT beginning tomorrow so there is plenty of time to make a decision. It’s a hard thing to decide whether he wants to pitch for NY (which I believe he really wants to do) and be away from your family. His kids are growing up and they need a father around. I hope that’s the reason at least…
Kenny Rogers rox my sox!!! He’ll be the greatest asset ever! (so joking….)


BD, now you are putting a youngster in the 2 slot. Too much pressure, too soon.


No. There isn’t.

The top starters on the market are Carlos Silva (13-14, 4.19 last year), Freddy Garcia, who missed most of 2007 with injury (1-5, 5.90 in 11 starts), Livan Hernandez, whose numbers have been progressively worse each of the last four seasons, and 43 year old Kenny Rogers, 3-4, 4.43 in 11 starts last year.

Even with Andy back and no Santana, a youngster would be # 3 in the rotation.

Santana-Wang-Pettite as 1-2-3 is the ideal situation. Breaking the youngsters in at no higher than 4 and having them work up to 1-2-3 is the best way to go (unless you actually believe Mussina is a 3, which he isn’t). As of right now, Hughes is probably your 3. TSF.


Do you really think Pettte will come back. I mean, the guy has not made a decision yet, if he wanted to pitch, he would be in that right there 40-man roster already. This guy is going to pull a Clemens and retire, and possibly come back and sign a two yr. deal with the Stros. I don’t see Pettite back, and my gut feeling is usually right. The rotation, if the season began tommorow, would be:
1. Wang

2. Chamberlain

3. Hughes

4. kennedy

5. Mussina

That’s a competitive rotation. The Big Three should perform like they did last year, Wang is our ” Ace ” and Mussina, though aging, is still somewhat reliable at the back-end of our rotation, But that’s it, the BACK-END. We don’t need to win every game pitched, just most of them, so if we won every 3 out of 5 games, which is certainly possible with that roation, than we’re playoff contenders, in my opinion, we can win 4 out of 5 games with our rotation as is now. Let’s make a run at Santana, if we can’t acquire, stick with your young guns, assure them a durable ‘pen and let’s play already, enough with all this bull.


k, so it might be important. so what? they can’t get a guy on the market. The only people any one would be willing to take is the good ones (duh). Giving up a talented young pitcher who can win you lots of bling for the finger in the future is a pretty big price to pay for a guy in his early thirties who is money hungry (all the good ones are) and can win you three rings at most..and even that requires a great deal of luck. if pettite comes back is there really a need for a top pitcher? I guess so, but is there any available on the market??


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