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YankssoxHello from a rainy Fenway Park, where a steady drizzle is hitting the city streets and waves of gray clouds are passing through, obscuring the top of the Prudential Center.

For the Yankees, though, this morning must seem bright and shiny. The aftermath of last night’s stirring come-from-behind 8-7 victory is still resonating today, especially because New York came back from the dead against the cream of the Red Sox bullpen.

Doing it against a Boston reliever or two would be one thing, but in beating Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon, messages are sent. It also raises questions: why was Okajima left in the game after surrendering the home runs to Giambi and Cano, when it was clear he was missing his spots, and was Terry Francona really looking to Papelbon for a six-out save?

That, I would think, sends a hint about how the Red Sox might feel about using Eric Gagne with a tight lead against the Yankees. In any event, the rain is supposed to taper off in the late afternoon, which should permit us to see a pair of Cy Young Award contenders go head-to-head in Chien-Ming Wang and Josh Beckett. 

Wang isn’t going to have the sexy strikeout numbers by season’s end, but as Jorge Posada mentioned yesterday, it doesn’t matter how you get the outs — just that you get them. The "Worm Killer" has certainly done that and more — 20 wins are in sight, but first he’ll need to get to 19. Naturally the Yankees hope that happens this afternoon.

It would be a bonus if the game didn’t take four hours and 23 minutes again; the Yankees always play pretty long games, but between last night and the Detroit game that went 4:24 following a 4:01 rain delay, I’d say this team has had their share.


Bats need to come alive again-The team showed alot of heart and character in the eight inning ,but besides that one inning Boston has dominated every facet of this series-without Manny. Strange to think Wang and Pettite gave up 3 runs in 14 innings earlier this month, compared to 10 in 9 1/3 this series.

Excluding the eight inning last night, 19 hits in the last four games

Damon 4-17

Jeter 3-16

Abreu 2-13

A-Rod 1-13

Matsui 2-8

Posada 3-9

Giambi 0-6

Cano 2-15

Cabrera 1-14

Betemit 0-3

Molina 1-4

The Yankees are a good offensive team, but getting cold at the wrong point in the season.

With the Tigers pounding Johan right now, Yanks need to win tomorrow and not let them withing 1.5 games.

Perhaps bench Melky tomorrow? 1-23 skid isn’t helping and Giambi’s defense hasn’t exactly been stellar this series, get him as dh.


Wang’s chance for the Cy young just took a major hit. Looks like Beckett is the one who is pitching like a Cy Young candidate.




Like I said before, I think that Damon does really good when we play the Red Sox. I don’t know the stats but since last year, he looks like a ***** killer. Maybe someone can find the stats for Damon agains the red sox for the last 2 years. He went 4-6 last night, which was the most hits he got this season. He also had sick numbers in the boston massacre last year.


My 8 year old son (clad in his A-Rod Tee shirt that he wears to school up here in Red Suchs country) told me he has a Chien-Ming Wang baseball card. I told him to hold on to it. Based on last season and this season, it may help pay for college in 10 years….🙂 There can be no doubt that he is the real thing. At least 18(or maybe 19???) wins in each of his first two full seasons in the bigs? Quick, someone do some research. Who was the LAST pitcher to throw 18 or more wins in his first two full seasons?? No. I dont know either. I want today to be a good game. Let’s make it close. Still happy with 2 of 3.


I’m sorry to say but I gave up after 6 innings of so so play by the Yanks, offensively and defensively. I appeared they were going through the motions.
Giambi played a sad 1st, He had trouble on some of the simplest plays. But thank GOD, The light came on and they woke with a thunderous 8th. It sure made me feel better this AM to find they rallied and won a very important game. The confidence this will give them is priceless. “GO YANKEES”


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