The future begins now

Phil_hughesI think everybody is a little bit curious to see what Phil Hughes brings to the table on Thursday night.

Those of us who were in Spring Training with the Yankees this spring got to see a little bit of a sneak peek: he’s got Major League type stuff and should be able to handle this level for years to come, although his 7.71 spring ERA suggested that he was overthrowing a little.

It was a smart move for the Yankees to eventually tell Hughes he wasn’t going to make the club, so at least he could come to peace with that in his mind and focus on what he needed to work on before moving across the street to the Himes Ave. Minor League complex.

I spent a little time Wednesday chatting with Hughes, who selected uniform No. 65 for his start. He was a little surprised when I asked him if he was allowed to wear it, but as Sean Henn – his locker neighbor – told him, not everyone on the team is allowed to wear such high numbers.

Henn wore No. 62 in Spring Training and had to switch to No. 34; Darrell Rasner had to give up No. 61 in favor of No. 27, and Jeff Karstens showed up at Fenway Park wearing No. 17 after donning No. 58 in the spring.

Hughes said he was offered a few other numbers but asked if he could keep the No. 65 he’d been wearing all along. Seems that already there are special exceptions for what the Yankees feel will be a special pitcher.

Going to the game tonight? Planning to watch? What are your expectations?


how long will torre stick with abreu in the three hole?they always say that the third spot is for your best hitter.i think abreu is not even our fifth best.i would rank jeter,a-rod,matsui,damon,giambi,cano,and maybe even posada as better than abreu.michael kay always says how comfortable it is for abreu in new york compared to philly,i agree because here he can fly under the radar.tonight we had doug m. bat second and abreu third,wow thats sad


I think he will go 6 innings, 2 earned runs, 7 hits, and 6 strikeouts. It will be that or a perfect game. Or not.


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