Saturday: TBA

Jeff_karstensThe fact that the Yankees are calling Saturday’s start a toss-up between Kei Igawa and Jeff Karstens (pictured) does not bode well for their confidence in Igawa. The left-hander is 1-1 with a 7.84 ERA in four Major League starts and is coming off a poor outing at Tampa Bay.

The Yankees’ first reaction after the rainout Wednesday was to shuffle their rotation to get Andy Pettitte into the Boston series, which makes sense – he pitched the best out of any of the three starters last weekend at Fenway Park.

But Igawa’s competition, Karstens, wasn’t exactly stellar in that Saturday start against Boston, though it was overshadowed when Chase Wright made history in the wrong way Sunday.

Friday: Daisuke Matsuzaka at Andy Pettitte
Saturday: Tim Wakefield at TBA (Jeff Karstens or Kei Igawa)
Sunday: Julian Tavarez at Chien-Ming Wang


Decision made. It’s Karstens.


See, I would go with Igawa.
Igawa looked bad in first start but looked better in his second and better still in his third.

Then the last outing was awful — but he’s going to have some ups and downs.

He’s a work in progress and if they work with him I think he can have a decent future and I think that he’s no worse than Karstens.

Give him the ball, tell you that you know he can do it.

Work with him and have confidence in him.

He does have good stuff and between his posting fee and his contract we paid over 50 million dollars to get him fitted for a Yankees uniform.

I’d keep trying until I thought it was utterly hopeless before I gave up on him.


Warm up both of them and whoever looks good after that should go out, and the other should relieve him if he gets in trouble.


It would really depend on the Yankees’ confidence in Igawa to throw strikes. He had a pretty good outing against the Indians, and he was cruising through Oakland until the 6th. He’s shown he can throw strikes, the question is will he?

The Yanks could really flip this either way. Start Karstens and send Igawa to the pen,or vice versa.



Buster Olney said in his blog that the Yankees should start Karstens because he throws strikes. He believes the Sox patience will get to Igawa.


I like the idea of starting Igawa and leaving Karstens available for long relief. That sounds like a decent plan. But how would it affect Karstens’s next start (if/when there is one)?



I’d prefer to see them go with Igawa. The Sox haven’t gotten a look at him yet and that could bode well. If he happens to fail, move right to Karstens for long relief since he’ll have a really frssh arm. You almost have to think we’ll see both pitch that day.



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